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Awaken Dream Synergy

A Place Where Dreamers Awaken to their Life Thriving Creations

We all love creating. We all love dreaming. We all love awakening. We are the lights in the global weave of dreams.

Awakening to the Dream means to become lucid when you’re in the dream state. It means that you are able to control your dream with your conscious awareness, with your intentions. It means you become the CEO of your life, you become an agent of your own creation, and you may become sovereign in your own rights.

This is a movement of coming alive to what we were each inclined to come to earth for.

We all have dreams, whether they are dreams where our subconscious takes over when our eyes are closed, or aspirations that we may have or wishes of what our potential could be.

We’re a society that has forgotten how to dream, we’re a people who have let the nightmares of a story beyond our own take over our consciousness.

We come from hierarchical models of organizations that feed us what they feel to feed us for whatever their private reasons are, and we’re going into a heterarchical or deeper, more expansive time, peer-to-peer time.

This is the promise of the internet, the world wide web, crypto currency and the future of our creations in Web 3.0.

We created Awaken Dream Synergy, a group that was begun 20 April 2020, during the pandemic, when we were all behind our phones, computers, and devices wondering if we were going to go hungry or die.

So, we came together to discuss the projects so many of us have had on our tables, and been designing and developing in the background for years, in our silos around the world, because we new, we saw and felt this time coming.

This a time where the people of the world are really seeing that they want something different than the same old same old. Where their ferrari and yacht doesn’t matter as much as the people in their world being healthy, healed and in love with life.

This is a time where the joys do not come from inert unconscious things, yet they come from the interactive substance of spirit, a consciousness that is alive, vital and full of momentum to create Life On This Planet in the Symphony of Love, Joy, Peace, Grace, Gratitude, Compassion, Bliss and all the beautiful ways of actual and true human values that are written in the codes of each one of us and our existence.

What is the use of living if we aren’t enjoying our time on the planet? And why are so many people sad, depressed and wasting their life on disconnection, emptiness, and no reason, rhyme, or why? Where the rhythm of daily life and ritual is devoid of purpose, and merely sucks the life out, so many are tainted with the corruption of a potential gone awry. Lost in a vain show of an objective not even written by the heart and soul of that which operates the body occupied by itself, instead, written by a complex of voices and cultures that programmed your modes ahead of time. The robotic codes.

“Do Robots Dream?” has been a long known quest of discovery for science fiction.

A more apt burning question of the day that lives in the shadow of a roaring nightmare of a science-not-fiction of the current earthly episode may be,

“Do Humans Dream?”

And what do they dream when they dream?

Well, that’s a long answer, and that’s why we created Awaken Dream Synergy, so that humans could come together to share their dreams, and more so, share their dreams in a safe, supportive space, that is to help nurture dreams that are for awakening thriving life.

What does awakening thriving life mean?

It starts with you and then it unfolds and connects in a myriad of internodal connections to all our relations.

And this is the net of life. Where are dreams, our thoughts, our feelings, our words, our gestures, our actions, are all connected and interwoven in the fabric of reality that we create together, the Global Collective Dream.

Awaken Dream Synergy is one Island of Coherence around the world, globally dreaming of life thriving for all on earth.

For the next generations, this is what we can do, and we ask you,

“What Would the Future Thank You For?”


“What’s Your Dream?”


We’ve been dreaming in the background and have been preparing to share our dreams with you. We are a people who dream of us all coming together in an organized way that will help change the world in the most beautiful way, for thriving life and conscious evolution to be the momentum for us all.

It’s time to WAKE UP.

We don’t need to feed the nightmares, time to feed the dreams.


D.E. Love
Lotus Love Dreams
Awaken Dream
Technology of Self

Awaken Dream Synergy had over 80 calls recorded in regards to our human dreams. Our Co-Hearts have some of the most amazing human valuable projects on earth. We and the other islands of coherences have been dreaming, designing and developing systems in the background for life thriving and we will emerge with them, especially with your support. If you’d like to join the movement, let us know!




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