My art, my love for poetry, my life was fought for

Each poem I write is a battle, a fight for success and creativity. Let me be honest I usually like to write when I’m depressed because I like the emotion that ends up on the page.

Writing isn’t a nice process so far I can’t just pick up a pen and paper and write It has to have meaning behind it or it becomes superficial and then I’m as no good as today's music

You may think I’m suicidal but I’m really not, I’ve been down that road before and its been closed for construction

Atychiphobia is the fear of failure, it causes a “restricted” life style which means you’re not doing anything with your life untill you learn to fight for your dreams, so fight for it

I’m tired of fear killing any plan I have to attempt at my goal. I’m trying to live the motto “ if you want it then go for it” I’m trying okay but how am I going to do that when I can’t even get in my car and drive on US1 without getting extreme anxiety and just avoiding the “problem” little did I know the problem was inside me

I want to get famous off this art but the voice says shit like “Just stop, quit, you’re nothing, fail fail fail fail FAIL WE ALL FUCKING KNOW YOU WILL!!”…you get the point. Man it got serious on this page didn’t it. Well I hope you’ve already drank your morning coffee (sorry mom)

I swear I’m not depressed just someone who doesn’t know how to say fuck the rest. I wonder… how many people have atychiphobia and how many people are thinking what I’m writing right now?