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‘But Look, I Made You Some Content!’ (Introducing- This Week In New Finance)

As Bo Burnham declared on ‘INSIDE’- this is the year of content.

Well at New Finance, we are experimenting with some new formats to bring you guys info. We have the podcast here & obviously all our blog posts on Medium.

But now…(drumroll)...

We’d like to introduce This Week In New Finance

Here is our pilot!

Each week, either Mike Kelly, I, or BOTH of us (lucky you!) will bring you a short video highlighting and summarising a few of the most interesting stories happening in the Crypto & DeFi space.

We are making it sub-5 minutes so at the end of each week you can digest a few interesting things and stop your brain from exploding.

The thinking is this- there are so many great newsletters, long-form articles, podcasts, Twitter threads and more- but unless you are full-time in this space (and even if you are) it is completely overwhelming and impossible to keep up. We want to give people an easily digestible clip to keep them abreast of what's happening.

Enjoy and feel free to send in any stories you think worth covering. We will be tweaking this format as we go along and having some fun with it.





Everybody knows the financial system society depends on is insufficient and needs improving at every level. Potential New Finance VC is your opportunity to fund the companies that will fix finance and reshape our world for the better.

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