Gamers, What Do You Want With Your Life?

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Bio: I’m a Product Hunter, software engineer and also do growth work with Nir Eyal. Besides my professional work, I have hobbies in video games, anime, reading, and watching WWE.

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One of my goals as a gamer and blogger is to help other gamers realize their potential. You can define “potential” in whichever way you want: personal potential, professional potential, or both. As a fellow gamer who’s ambitious and constantly working on my physical and mental health, and working towards massive professional success, I can speak on both topics.

One problem that I once faced as a gamer in high school and college was a lack of direction. While I had an idea of what I wanted to do with my life and career, I was not clear about it nor sold on it. “I want to make video games” was something I always told myself and others. While that’s a goal that’s still on the back of my mind, that’s not really what I want to do at this moment anymore.

Note: Though, it would be cool to contribute to a future Square Enix or Nintendo game, especially Final Fantasy or Pokemon :).

I feel that I’ve found my calling over the past few months and have a much clearer idea of what I want to do. Some of my ultimate goals over the next 1–3 years are to:

1. Build my blog and my personal brand
2. Build a gaming brand out of this blog through a podcast and gaming publication
3. Build a thriving gaming community
4. Make more time for what I love to do: read books, listen to podcasts, play video games, and watch anime and wrestling
5. Get that beach body
6. Begin writing my first book

Pretty ambitious, especially as a gamer, but they’re all extremely doable!

It’s rare to hear “gaming, anime, blog, beach body, books” all in the same conversation. I mean, what do you think of when you hear “gamers”? That’s probably what many others think too. And I want to expand that, because I don’t think I’m the stereotypical gamer. I’m the gamer who wants to build his own path, rather than follow the paths that many others have taken.

Note: You actually will find some of those words I mentioned above in the same conversation. At least “gaming” and “books”. Check out who Justine Ezarik (or iJustine) is :)!

But here’s the point I want you to takeaway from this article.

You, as a gamer, can accomplish more today than you currently allow yourself to.

I can absolutely guarantee that. If I haven’t mentioned it already, I’m a very avid follower of the personal growth topics, and constantly learn from the content of my mentors like Pat Flynn and Peter Voogd, and I want to share everything that’s been working for me over the next articles.

I want you to ask yourself this simple question and think about it:

“What do I want more of today?”

That could be anything, really. Write it all down and stick it somewhere where you can see it. Maybe you want more time to play video games. Maybe you want to pursue something greater in life, while still enjoying video games. Whatever it is that you want, realize that it’s something that you can get with new knowledge, commitment and hard work. And I want to teach you that information, which is information that I’ve learned from my mentors that are working for me personally and professionally.

The only homework you have right now:

Change. Who you are today is the sum of all the decisions you’ve made up until this point. If you want new results, stop doing the same things. It’s insane to believe that you’ll have a different outcome if you choose to take the same actions everyday.

If you want something, but know that you can’t get it by doing what you’re doing right now, then change.

Look out for my next articles on personal growth and gaming!

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