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Setup Environment For Oracle Database.

i) Visit the Oracle Database Express Edition (XE) site.

ii) Download the package which is given for windows.

iii) unzip the downloaded package and run the setup.exe

iv) Always make sure to use

Username : SYSTEMPassword : oracle

v) Visit the Oracle SQL Developer site and download the developer package

vi) Download the package which is for windows.

vii) Unzip the package and open the sqldeveloper.exe

viii) Add these credentials

Connection Name : test db (any name you preffered)Username : SYSTEMPassword : oracle

Note : Click test button and check the status . if the status is Success you are good to connect and continue work

ix) Execute the below queries and check the results in database.

CREATE TABLE Persons (PersonID int,LastName varchar(255), FirstName varchar(255),Address varchar(255),City varchar(255));insert into persons VALUES (1,’Naveen’,’Fernando’,’Boralesgamuwa’,’Colombo’);SELECT * FROM Persons;



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Naveen Fernando

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