A Sprayer Should be Added to Lawn Mowers
Gail Nobles_The InkPost

There Should be Battery Protection Against Cold Weather


Why does my battery for my riding lawn mower stop working as soon as cold weather hits it? In the summer time, my battery never goes dead. As soon as it turns a little cold, I have to struggle to start my lawn mower and get the battery charged. I am so sick and tired of the struggle. No matter how much I try to go out and start my mower in the winter, the lawn mower will not start. So I just let the battery sit in the mower all winter long without even trying to get out in the cold to start it. I just wait for the summer to take care of it.

When batteries are made for riding lawn mowers, why don’t they make them to last like they do the batteries for a car? I can leave my car in the cold weather, and it will start the next day. Why can’t it be that simple for lawn mowers?

Some kind of protection is needed for lawn mower batteries against cold weather. They need to last all winter long just like they would last in the summer. Instead of dragging out cables and a lawn mower batter charger, why don’t they make the battery a push button rechargeable battery? Microwaves and Nu wave ovens are digital. Wouldn’t it be nice if lawn mower batteries were digital and automatically rechargeable?