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Jeff Bezos Amazon CEO What’s Next For Him? Check Out His Instagram Account.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stated it was time to bust out the tequila. On the beach, the celebrity wrestler and film star wrapped his arm around Inc founder Jeff Bezos.Bezos, in sunglasses, smiled in a photograph and then shared it on the internet. The men had just introduced a film deal with Amazon Studios.

Bezos, fifty-seven, is stepping down as Amazon’s CEO on Monday. He’ll remain the executive chairman and the employer’s biggest shareholder, but his Instagram account indicates he has lots of other hobbies to occupy his time.

According to one recent article, the science fiction fan is planning a pleasure trip to suborbital space with his excellent friend and brother, Mark, this month.In the other, Bezos is driving an electric-powered pickup truck built with the help of Rivian, an Amazon-funded startup, across the desert in a cowboy hat to see the rocket pill land.

Bezos has long been drawn to the final frontier, having invested billions of dollars in his business, the Blue Foundation, to sell space tourism and infrastructure.The first crewed flight will take place on July 20, less than a week after Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic ushers in a new era on Earth.

Bezos delegated leadership of Amazon’s former cloud computing leader, Andy Jassy, to run an organization that is larger and more valuable than ever. is uncertain how Bezos will govern from the sidelines.

Bezos, a former hedge fund executive turned storage entrepreneur, has long defined Amazon’s tradition, with enterprise adages such as “consumer obsession” and “have a backbone; disagree and dedicate,” as well as curt emails to his team bearing only a question mark.

Amazon and Bezos did not respond to a request for comment.

In an April letter to investors, Bezos stated that as executive chair, he would be recognized for new initiatives that would make Amazon a better place to work.That accompanied employee frustration that surfaced during the duration of a failed unionization campaign in Alabama.

His Instagram, though, spotlights his interest in Tinsel City. Bezos published approximately Oscar nods and Golden Globe wins for Amazon Studios, and for the duration of his last annual meeting as CEO, he pointed out re-imagining screen heroes for the 21st century through Amazon’s deal to buy MGM.

(No longer visible on his Instagram is a yacht longer than a football field, which Bezos reportedly owns and plans to build with the intention of including a guide yacht and a helipad once completed, according to Bloomberg information.)His accomplice, Lauren Sanchez, is a helicopter pilot.)

Bezos has also met with public officers to draw attention to his philanthropy. He mentioned his weather efforts with French President Emmanuel Macron and gave Washington Governor Jay Inslee an excursion to a homeless shelter, his posts show.

He’s had a few amusing conversations with music stars Katy Perry, Lil Nas X and Lizzo, too.

“I just did a DNA check. It turns out I am a hundred percent @lizzobeeating’s largest fan,” he wrote about the first Rose Bowl in 2020.

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