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Pablo Al-Kaalik Wants To See More Global Cities Follow NYC Governor Cuomo Solar Project

Pablo Al-Kaalik Wants To See More Global Cities Follow NYC Governor Cuomo Solar Project

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced 20 new solar farms on earth day. The state Government of New York has announced plans to build 20 renewable energy projects across the state in 2021.

The rise in efforts to increase sustainability in the state has been on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s agenda. Renewable Energy supporter Pablo Al-Kaalik wants to see more cities globally follow New York in making such a encouraging advancement. Pablo who’s made quite an impression within the world of sustainability was very open in discussing the comparison between London and New York.

“London is an amazing city with great potential but I feel the current London mayor Sadiq’s plans are slightly ambitious and extended compared to what’s announced in New York. The announcement in New York to build 20 solar farms within 2021 is exactly what we need to see in London if we are to keep up with major cities. Such solar initiatives can benefit the average person by 25% and reduce carbon emissions by nearly one million metric tons annually. On global scale this would contribute in increasing the current 2% supply. To put into perspective NYC initiative is equivalent to taking over 215,000 cars off city roads every year” Pablo explained

The current announcement came part of New York’s aim to source 70% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. The goal is outlined in the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act.

Another piece is promising support came from New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) president and CEO Doreen Harris said: “Governor Cuomo’s commitment to growing New York’s eco economy is demonstrated by the state’s significant pipeline of large-scale renewable projects now entering construction.

The 20 projects are expected to create over 2,000 jobs and nearly $1.5 billion in private investment to help stimulate the state’s economic recovery post-COVID-19 pandemic.

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