Smart Containers — a New Kid on the Blockchain

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Introducing Smart Containers

2500 CRT SkyCell Container

Smart Containers is a Swiss logistics company specialized in producing hardware containers for temperature controlled logistics. They are the roof company for the two business applications SkyCell and FoodGuardians. SkyCell has been operative for 5 years now, operating more than 1200 cold chain air-freight containers for pharma clients. Smart Containers is about to launch their ICO where they sell two assets. One is the SMARC token: a dividend share token sold to scale the existing business applications. The other is LOGI: a token used in the LOGI CHAIN, that is a logistics network and aims for targeting a decentralized solution to a decentralized world.

Built on strong technological foundations with over 50 man-years of research and close to 100 patents. 
75x more reliable than market leader with less than 0.1% temperature deviation.
 Integrated IoT sensors based on blockchain (largest fleet of IoT containers in airfreight to date). 
Smart Containers whitepaper summary


The team behind Smart Containers consists of specialists in their fields bringing together their knowledge to create a truly disruptive technology. They bring together many years of experience in their respective fields. They engage a team of high profile advisers for the ICO including Oliver Bussmann, Marc Bettinger, Lykke (Michael Guzik) and Wachsman PR (David Wachsman).

Co-founders Richard Ettl and Nico Ros

It is a very special chance in the ICO/ITO-landscape to get the opportunity to get in on a working and fully running business that generates revenues already.

Smart Containers is much more than just another whitepaper!

In the following I am going to give a quick summary on the Smart Containers group and their upcoming ICO.


  • Smart Containers is a logistics company.
  • They have fully running business applications.
  • Smart Containers ICO sells SMARC tokens — they are a 20 % dividend share token.
  • The LOGI CHAIN is a information sharing platform for the logistics industry.
  • LOGI tokens are used to participate in the network.
  • Top team and top advisers are working on Smart Containers and the ICO.

The Vision

Smart Containers Group aims to substantially grow its business to meet global standards in high-value pharma and food distribution. To scale the business, the management has decided to approach the cryptocurrency community for funding of USD 36 m via the SMARC token, that grants 20% of future profits (dividends and potential exit gains).
The logistics revolution, however, will come from our second project. The management has detected a game-changing opportunity to create a fully integrated, seamless logistic ecosystem, open to all entities within the industry and based on blockchain technology. This ecosystem will be called LOGI CHAIN. To build and fuel this open source ecosystem, a utility token will be created under the name LOGI token. — Smart Containers whitepaper

The first application SkyCell was developed to tackle the problem of cold chain logistics in the pharma industry. A high amount of vaccines that get shipped globally become useless by insufficient cooling while transported. The economical damage is immense and peoples lives are in danger. SkyCell containers have beyond average capability of keeping the transported goods at the right temperature for a long time.

Ongoing Development

Screenshot Smart Containers whitepaper

The newest development by SkyCell is the ONE CRT. A small size container that is able to stabilize temperature for small shipments to the customers doorstep. The small size and high performance, including all sensors and IoT environment, makes this a game changer in the industry. If you look at the competitive set that still uses styrofoam boxes with cooling pads, they are really disrupting this part of the logistics industry.

What Makes the Containers Unique?

Smart Containers is building the first fully autonomous air-freight cold chain containers based on blockchain technology. Their containers from the SkyCell application are approved with the big pharma companies and in operation on a daily basis.

Besides providing cutting edge cooling, tracking, monitoring and IoT technology the containers are also a great deal more cost effective than the old solutions used by the competitors. This is especially important as the logistics industry runs on extremely low profit margins.

The CO2 footprint of legacy cool chain technology is immense. Because the containers (mostly styrofoam boxes with cooling aids) are designed to be as cheap as possible nobody returns them after the shipment. The boxes are thrown away and huge amounts of waste are produced. With the reusable containers, produced on a big part from recycled material, the emission of greenhouse gases especially carbon dioxide (CO2).

“With a strong focus on sustainability, SkyCells containers are 100% recyclable and help reducing the carbon footprint by up to 50%.”

Smart Containers hit the news in January 2018 because they accept cryptocurrencies from their customers. This too is a great deal of increase in efficiency. International payments are faster and less costly when processed in cryptocurrency payments.

The Smart Containers Roadmap

Screenshots from the Smart Containers whitepaper

The Smart Containers ICO

Smart Containers will sell two tokens in their ICO. Make sure to choose the right one. Below you will find a short summary about the two.

The SMARC Token

The SMARC token is a dividend share token (including potential exit gains) sold to scale the existing business applications of Smart Containers and develop their new application FoodGuardians. FoodGuaridans is just out of R&D stage and about to be pilot tested with customers.

Token holders are entitled to 20% of all future dividends and exit gains.

The dividends will be paid out via a smart contract based on the Ethereum blockchain. Payouts will be made after the holders of Smart Containers decide on what amount of dividend is paid out. The respective share will then be converted in EHT and sent to the token holders.

The SMARC token is fully compliant with existing Swiss law. The SMARC token classifies as a “Dividend rights certificate” specified in OR 657.

  • Total Supply: 150m SMARC
  • Tokens offered in ICO: 120m SMARC
  • Hard Cap: USD 36m
  • Price/Token: USD 0.432

The LOGI Token

The LOGI token is used in the LOGI CHAIN ecosystem. The LOGI CHAIN ecosystem is an open source platform under the spirit of the LINUX foundation and will be open to all participants in the logistics foundation. The goal is to have a platform that tackles a decentralized problem with a decentralized system.

Today’s information sharing on existing systems is a great hassle for the logistics industry. About 200 emails are manually processed for every shipment made. With the LOGI CHAIN all participants in the logistics processes can exchange information on a private/public blockchain platform that massively reduces the manual effort and maximizes efficiency. For more information on the LOGI CHAIN please read the article included in this link.

  • Total Supply: 100m LOGI
  • Tokens offered in ICO: 20m LOGI
  • Hard Cap: USD 4m
  • Price/Token: USD 0.285

How to Get Involved

The presale starts on May 15 and go on until May 30. The crowd sale will start on June 7 and go on until June 30.

More ICO details

Token name: SMARC / LOGI

Presale bonus: 25% SMARC

Minimum contributions: Equivalents of USD 5‘000. — in the presale and USD of 500. — in the crowd sale.

Token specifications: ERC-20 compliant token. (Make sure to get a safe wallet like MyEtherWallet, exchange wallets won’t work!)

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