Facebook v/s Instagram (Media Content Analysis)

When it comes to social media, Facebook is the big guy on campus. It has the largest user base and has withstood the test of time. Then there’s the new kid on the block, Instagram. In the world of social networking sites, Instagram is still relatively new. But it arrived at a great time.

1. Instagram vs. Facebook by the Numbers

Since Facebook is a lot older than Instagram, it’ll have some advantages in terms of user base and popularity. However, Instagram’s growth has been extremely strong and it’s headed in the right direction. Let’s look at the numbers.

Facebook Statistics

  • 2.2 billion monthly active users
  • 655 million monthly active users that are mobile only
  • 65% of Facebook videos occur on mobile devices
  • 40 million small businesses have Facebook Pages

Instagram Statistics

  • 800 million monthly active users
  • 75 million daily users
  • 20% of Internet users are on Instagram
  • 27% of the US population uses Instagram
  • 27% of Instagram users access the app on their phone and 53% on their tablet

As you can see, Facebook might have larger vanity numbers but Instagram’s stats are very impressive — particularly in terms of engagement. Instagram has built itself up as a platform that thrives on users being able to engage with the visual content brands share.

Numbers alone don’t always tell the full story though. Let’s dig a little deeper.

2. Facebook’s Audience vs. Instagram’s Audience

This is probably going to be one of the deciding factors for which social media site you choose to put your focus toward.

Source: sproutsocial.com/insights/facebook
Source: sproutsocial.com/insights/instagram

One of the first differences that jumps out is Instagram’s younger user base. The older generation really isn’t active on the app. A majority of Instagram users are under 30, and many are in their teens. This is great for companies trying to reach a younger demographic. Facebook on the other hand has been losing its share of teen users.

3. Engagement

When it comes to engagement, Facebook doesn’t perform as well as Instagram. But it still has the second highest audience engagement rate among all social networks.

Six out of the seven social media sites including Facebook and Twitter had less than a 0.1% engagement rate. The seventh social network was Instagram, which had an astounding 4.21% engagement rate. That’s 58 times the engagement rate of Facebook.

Let’s take an example to understand this. Coca-Cola has over 91 million Facebook Likes and 746,000 Instagram followers. That’s less than 1% of its Facebook followers. That’s less than 1% of its Facebook followers.

On Coca-Cola Facebook post 3,751 Likes and 79 comments are there. Again, these are great numbers. Now let’s see how the same exact post performed on Instagram.

On Coca-Cola Instagram post, Over 30,000 likes and over 270 comments.

4. Type of Contents

Source: log.taptica.com

Facebook is largely informational. You can find out things about a company through its Facebook Page whether it’s business hours, an address or upcoming events. Facebook is focused more on text because it’s data driven. That’s why it takes longer to create a profile on Facebook than it does on Instagram.

Instagram is about capturing moments. people use Instagram to upload photo and video of their unique moments.

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