When I was Kid!

Social, Technological, Culture changes


From past 22 year, I have been observing my life and the transformation in the terms of Social, cultural and Technological.

During my childhood, the first thing I remember is listening the cricket match commentary on radio with my friends. we all gather around the radio silently and enjoying the every four and sixes.

This is the reference image Source: www.timeskuwait.com

Then I remember we used to watch movie on black-white TV which we generally take on rent for one or two days. We generally watch the Television on village road in mid of village in the night so that everybody from the village could watch. In day time everybody in the village works on the field. some people collect money and hire TV on rent. We had to to return on time otherwise they count extra days and charge extra.

I had a landline phone in my home before the first mobile phone “NOKIA” came to my family. that was the second phone inn my village. Most of the people of my village call their loved one from landline phone and the pay us on the minute basis.

Thanks for having patience!