Taylor Bookstaff
Oct 18, 2016 · 2 min read

What It Is

With our app, Athens’ cyclists can easily find the closest repair shop, the nearest bike rack, and avoid unsafe locations. The social aspect of our app offers a new way to bring together an entire community of cyclists that has never been connected before.

Our client, BikeAthens is a nonprofit cycling advocacy group with the mission of promoting walking, cycling, and public transit as solutions to transportation needs. Since its inception, BikeAthens has strived to aid the cycling community and bring them together by providing information to keep cyclists safer and maximize their success. Our app supports this mission by providing BikeAthens with an efficient, new medium for sharing information and supporting the Athens biking community. With the BikeAthens app, riders can use their phones to locate bike necessities, learn about upcoming cycling events and rides, ride more safely, and report accidents. The BikeAthens app is an innovative and creative way to make the already strong group of cyclists grow into a stronger, united, and safer community.

How It Works

The BikeAthens app has three main parts.

· A map , that makes it easier to park and fix a bike by pinpointing the locations of bike racks, repair stands, and bike shops. The map also highlights dangerous locations in Athens that bikers should try to avoid.

· A calendar that lists rides and events, and provides the opportunity to suggest additional events and rides for the calendar.

· An accident report form where bikers can share information about accidents. This features will help BikeAthens collect data about cycling safety, and support their efforts to change legislation for the betterment of cyclists in Athens. It will also provide information about trouble spots that are not safe to cycle in Athens.

Come see it in action at SLAM on December 10th, 2016 and learn more about the BikeAthens app!

New Media Institute Capstone Projects

New Media Institute Capstone Projects

Taylor Bookstaff

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New Media Institute Capstone Projects

New Media Institute Capstone Projects

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