New Media Interchange #005

UpFronts vs NewFronts & YouTube vs Mainstream Celebrities

This is New Media Interchange where we talk about the media world beyond mainstream television and radio, including podcasting, YouTube, live streaming, gaming and more.

NMI is Hosted by Douglas E. Welch, pioneer podcaster, blogger and writer.


VR and Ubisoft

In a followup on my Virtual Reality story from last week, a story from says that game developer Ubisoft is planning on developing “a number of games” for the various VR hardware that is planned for early 2016 release. Ubisoft hasn’t committed to supporting any specific VR system, but these comments seem to indicate a larger interest than previously indicated.

I wonder if game companies might be looking to VR to expand their market beyond the typical “twitch” gamer of Call of Duty, Halo and other first person shooters. I know that as a casual gamer myself, deeper immersion — and the hopefully better immersion of VR — might just convince me to spend more time gaming in the new, VR, world.

While it looks like we can soon expect more VR content from Ubisoft, this content will only be developed for Windows platforms. Ubisoft announced this week that they are halting all VR development for other platforms, mainly Macintosh and Linux systems, in order to concentrate on the operating system most gamer choose and use — MS Windows. While I can understand the business reasons for making the decision, I do wish that games were more available on alternative platforms, it is always better to have choices in your technology decisions rather than being locked into any particular platform. Focusing on Windows development is certainly good for the company, but not necessarily better for their customers.

Ultra Blu-ray for 4k content delivery

…and finally, a bit more on my story about 4k video from the last show, while you can get 4k video streamed to your compatible televisions and computer systems today, there wasn’t yet a way of physically delivering 4k content. That changed this week when the technical specifications for Ultra HD Blu-ray disc was finally completed. This means that you should start seeing Ultra HD Blu-ray players and content hit the market soon, hopefully by the end of the year. The new format will bring support for higher resolution video, better sound and a host of other improvements. It will also be backwards compatible with existing Blu-ray discs.

The Subscribed Series

The next entry in my Subscribed series is and its collection of audio and video shows. This segment is where I share the great podcasts, YouTube Channels and blogs I’m subscribed to.

Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame is joined by Will Smith and Norman Chan for coverage of “…anything that’s awesome!” Episodes range from technological tips and hints to visits to Adam’s Man Cave to demonstrations on how to create movie props, learning welding and more. Additional shows cover uses for the MakerBot, a 3-D printer, product reviews, hands-on reviews and demos of new technology and more.

I find to be a regular and welcome injection of geekery into my life. I crave variety, so while I don’t watch every show, there is always enough interesting stuff in the Tested feed to keep me coming back for more. The combination of longer format video versions of the Tested audio podcasts and shorter form videos on specific topics gives me an opportunity to dive deep or just dip into a subject when I only have a few minutes to fill.

You can find Tested on their web site, and their YouTube channel at

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