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An Interview With Jim Henson Puppeteer Grant Baciocco Part 3

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News Followups

In a followup on my Virtual Reality Stories of last week, Anrick, a director with Unit9 which is production company that specializes in VR and other innovative technologies, writes up his 25 Thoughts on Virtual reality Filmmaking. He discusses how a VR director must constantly be thinking about what the viewer might be doing, seeing and thinking during a VR film. Anrick also thinks that we’ll all need to pay a lot more attention to immersive audio production in VR titles. He says, “We will need to do much better, because it’s sound and music that controls your heart-strings.”

On Screenwriting for VR he says,
“VR is not the death of traditional screenwriting, is it screenwriting on steroids. It’s not important that the user can look here or there, it’s important what happens when they do. Script writing is becoming more like world building.”

Anrick goes on to discuss more technical issues in the article such as the realities of shooting a film in 360 and how everyone’s ideas about filmmaking are going to have to change. You can read the complete article on the Unit 9 blog.

Hardware Hot List: Action Camera Accessories

My life doesn’t included a lot of situations where an action cam like the GoPro would be particularly useful or entertaining, but as can be seen on YouTube and elsewhere, there are some amazing people doing some amazing (and sometimes, amazingly stupid) things on video. An article from Engadget, The best accessories to upgrade your action camera, gives some great ideas for accessories to add to your own action camera recording, if you are so inclined. The accessories detailed here includes a collection of useful monopods, a diving mask with action camera mounts, data gathering devices like Garmin’s VIRB, which collects information like location, speed and acceleration that can then be overlayed on your, hopefully, mind-blowing, video.

The article goes on to detail higher-end devices like 360 degree video rigs, high-end microphones to collect better audio (something that is often severely lacking in action camera footage), additional lighting and more. If you are an action cam enthusiast, or even just interested in getting started with action cams, there is a is lot of great information here.

“The Last of a 3 Part Interview with Grant Baciocco”

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Puppeteer for the Jim Henson Company

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