New Media Interchange #012

Facebook Video & JauntVR
Jul 6, 2015 · 5 min read

This is New Media Interchange where we talk about the media world beyond mainstream television and radio, including podcasting, YouTube, live streaming, gaming and more.

NMI is Hosted by Douglas E. Welch, pioneer podcaster, blogger and writer.

In today’ show…

  • Is Facebook stepping up to challenge YouTube and Google on Video Advertising?
  • Jaunt VR announces a new professional quality 360 degree VR camera rig


In a followup to previous stories on cordcutting, New Media and customer choice, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos gave a keynote at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. In this speech, he said something that spoke to my own beliefs about new media.

“Don’t misunderstand. Nothing I’m saying and nothing we’re doing is meant to be anti-theater or anti-cinema,” he told the room. “I love, personally, the experience of going to the theater, going to the cinema. I think it competes beautifully on its own. I have great confidence that if things were day-and-date people would still go to the movies, but I do think that people need choice and people want choice and if you try to prevent them from choice, it’s going to ultimately harm [the theatrical experience].

While he pays a bit of lip service to his film-centric audience here, I think his comment on choice are dead on. People do indeed want choice in their entertainment and I believe anyone who ignores that desire is going to suffer greatly. Most actions by the mainstream film industry are still dedicated towards reducing customer choice — whether that is by limiting the types of films that can be made — in service of the lowest common denominator audience — or by limiting how movies can be distributed. While limited theatrical release may still serve the film industry well, it goes directly against the wishes of their consumers.

In my VR story from a few weeks ago , I complained about how a large portion of the viewing audience — those of us with eyeglasses — can find it difficult to enjoy VR entertainment. This week, HackADay reports on a German company that has started an IndieGoGo campaign to produce custom, prescription lenses to be used with Google Cardboard. An inexpensive, smartphone based VR viewer developed by Google and given away at their Google I/O conference last year.

I would expect to see more and more lens companies stepping up to add this service for other VR devices like Oculus Rift and Sony Morpheus. Prescription lense for scuba diving masks have been around for quite a while and I think VR might open up an entirely new market for lens manufacturers.

In the Classroom…

Learning about your craft is always a high priority for any content creator and in this on-going In the classroom segment, I’ll highlight some of the best New Media educational content I discover in my online travels.

First up is an interesting article for audio podcasters who are always seeking to improve their sound. In this article, A top audio engineer explains NPR’s signature sound from Shawn Fox, senior director of audio engineering at NPR talks about the Neumann U87 microphone that is the house-standard for all NPR facilities, how they use bass-rolloff to make voices punch through for better listening in cars and other noisy environments and how they approach soundproofing in their studios. also provides a host of great New Media information including these recent articles on 5 Inspiring Filmmaking Tutorials Under 5 Minutes, 10 Crucial Pieces of Audio Gear Under $500 and a filmmaking tip on the best gear for a one man documentary crew — something that I read with great interest, as I often am forced to shot my own videos solo.

I think you’ll find some great, useful information in all these articles, just as I did. You’ll find links to all of them in the show notes and I’ll be including more educational links in future shows as part of this “In the classroom…” series.

“Part 4 of my Interview with Eric Rochow”

We talk about his long running show GardenFork.TV,
his Labrador Co-Stars, and the Past & Future of New Media

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