New Media Interchange #013

Why New Media? + Kids & New Media
Jul 13, 2015 · 7 min read

This is New Media Interchange where we talk about the media world beyond mainstream television and radio, including podcasting, YouTube, live streaming, gaming and more.

NMI is Hosted by Douglas E. Welch, pioneer podcaster, blogger and writer.

In today’ show…

  • Why do some people think that producing nothing better than producing something?
  • GoPro releases latest in their line of action cameras
  • Kids see television as the 2nd screen


Showtime and AppleTV/iOS devices

in a follow up on previous stories on the continuing trend of cord-cutting, Showtime has joined HBO in offering their programming direct to customers without requiring a cable television subscription. Customers can pay $11 US per month ($4 less than HBO’s offering) for access to Showtimes slate of original content and also movies, documentaries and boxing. Showtime’s offering is initially only available on AppleTV and iOS devices, but will most likely expand to other platforms. Current apple users can sign up for a free, 30-day trial immediately. I noticed that the Showtime icon appeared on my AppleTV automatically on launch day.

10 cable-cutting devices

If you are thinking of cutting the cable cord, you can find a good informational starting point in the article from CheatSheet, 10 Devices to Help You Ditch Cable TV Forever. It provides basic information and links to streaming devices like AppleTV and Roku, over-the-air HD antennas (I use a Mohu Leaf myself) and even a TiVO PVR to capture that OTA content when you are away. You’ll find a link to the article in the show notes. Add in my own personal experiences with Chromecast, AppleTV, FireStick Smart DVD player and a directly connected MacMini.

VR Arcades

I wondered a few weeks ago, in my segment on virtual reality, if the industry might need to develop public spaces where consumers could experience VR and AR for themselves before committing to VR devices in their own homes. It seems Josh Taylor was thinking along the same lines in his article, “Why Virtual Reality Will Bring Back the Arcade.”

One of the biggest reasons he sees for the need and popularity of VR arcades is the sheer amount of space that he thinks need to be dedicated to a decent VR experience.

“Dedicated space in VR leads to the optimal experience. Freely moving adds to the 1:1 correspondence. Nothing feels more like walking than walking. Currently the HTC/Valve Vive allows the user to move in a 15’ x 15’ (225 ft^2) area, but that is not a realistic amount of empty space to assume people have in their homes. “

Taylor also thinks that VR arcades have other significant advantages including running the fastest hardware,not being limited by what people might have in their homes and the ability to create custom VR controllers that actually feel like the weapon, device or object you are using in-game.

Much as I write in my earlier piece, I, like Taylor, see great value — and perhaps a large business opportunity in VR arcades.

“Arcades can and should facilitate the adoption of VR and provide a cheaper way to experience the best VR possible. The current gaming industry in North America is purely a home market but this is limiting the possible games and experiences that are available and limiting the socialization of a community.”

…and I agree. While I am not ready to run out and buy the current slate of VR gear, I would be quite interested in spending a little money to experience it in an optimal environment so I might understand the power of VR and also have a little fun in the bargain.

In a related Engadget story, HTC’s Vive VR headset is getting a world tour The company’s web site details the schedule and locations for a world tour to show off the lesser-known system. HTC will be making stops around the US and in a few European locations, starting with a presence at this week’s San Diego Comic-Con and including Gamescon in Cologne, Germany and Pax Prime in Seattle, Washington. There are many other cities listed in the schedule, although the specific locations for the tour are yet to be decided.

“The Vive, developed together with Valve, is a VR headset similar to the Oculus Rift, but it also includes some positional laser sensors which can track your movement around a room.”

In the Classroom…

This week “In the classroom” I have 2 articles from PremiumBeat that all new media creators will find useful. This article focuses on audio, a hugely important factor in creating any new media project. The article — How to Capture High Quality Audio for Low Budget Films — links to a series of How-to videos that provide information on “7 ways to hide a lavalier microphone by Izzy Videos”, which mics to use — and when and even touch on using ADR or Automated Dialogue Replacement in your projects, something that happens to nearly everyone, including myself when I had to ADR a small section of dialogue when I acted in a video short for a classmate of my son.

The second “In the classroom “ article falls on the opposite side of the new media spectrum with, “5 DIY Lighting Tips For Filmmakers on a Budget.” There are many ways to improve the lighting in your videos without spending a lot of money and this series of videos show you how — on the cheap. Advice includes how to make your own basic DIY light kit at home, a homebuilt 800-watt video light and making your own light banks and light bars. Check out the videos and the overall channels where they originate for even more production lessons and ideas.


Minecraft and More with Paul Soares, Jr.

And now the next entry in my Subscribed series where I share the great podcasts, YouTube Channels and blogs I’m subscribed to.

When my son first got involved with the game Minecraft, and got me interested as well, he quickly recommended a video series to help me make it through my first night in Minecraft. Paul Soares, Jr’s series, “How to Survive and Thrive in Minecraft” is a fun, informative and light-hearted look at how to make Minecraft even more fun. Paul was one of the first Minecraft video makers and his channel has continually grown over the years — now reaching well over a million subscribers on YouTube.

Paul’s biggest strengths are his pleasant demeanor and his fun ability and desire to role play no matter what the game. Besides is typical, informative Minecraft play, he also created entire story series like ‘Man vs. Minecraft” where he creates and tells a “Survivor Man”-like adventure story all within the traditional Minecraft world. Over the years, Paul has also included his entire family in his video creating series like Minecraft Dad and and Man, Woman, Minecraft with his, usually non-gaming, wife.

Soares also does play-throughs of other big names in the gaming world, including Skyrim and quirky independent games. If you are the least bit interested in Minecraft, or gaming in general, I highly recommend Paul’s channel for a great combination of learning and fun!

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