The Most Successful Video Messaging App In China

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What is Meipai?

Social network app, video messaging app, and the hottest micro video community in China, it’s hard to imagine that you can associate all those within one app, Meipai, the most popular video app in Chinese App store.

Meipai was released in 2014, soon after the first day it’s being first released, it became the top app in App store’s free download list. In May, 2014, it is the top IOS App that has being download the most globally, and within the first few months of its release, it already got more than 6000 reviews and over 100M users. It was also rewarded as the best App in the first half of 2014.

In the states, pretty much everyone knows Vine, Instagram and Snapchat and use that in the daily basis. Well, Meipai is the combination of the three and keeps all their good features. Most of all, it has its own killer features that distinguish itself from those popular videos messaging apps in the US in terms of how it propagate its own fame among the public.

What features does Meipai have?

In terms of the editing, Meipai provides over 50 video effects, a variety of limited remix effects, 12 filters and over one hundred audio clips to polish your video. Initially, Meipai only allowed you to shoot 10-seconds of video at a time. Since then, it’s been raised up to 60 seconds and now 5 minutes.

Having good content is key, then it comes down to making everyone know about it and love it. Start simple — only allow users to shoot a video within 10 seconds, then after a year, after most people already got a hang of how to use it, they developed other extended versions, which is the first strategy I think it’s quite successful. Meipai locked down 3 of the video features which will be unlocked after you shared this app on your social media. This strategy has also effectively increased the popularity of Meipai in a short time.

it goes viral so quickly and achieve its own success?

Having a good product is one of the key determinants of its success while most importantly than that is how do you propagate your product. Given that there is already been a success model and avant-garde from the same family, MeituPic, a photo editing App that gets more than 500M users worldwide, Meipai’s success seems to be doomed and its way to success seems to be easier by learning from MeituPic.

Now let’s have a look how does it go viral:

  • Let the users themselves advertise this product. Meipai will lock down 3 filters when you just downloaded it. As an onboard user, you have to share this product on the social media platform that links your Meipai account so that you could unlock all of the locked features. So why do users will willing to share? The most obvious reason is that they can unlock all the features, the other is that they can let their friends to come and see his or her videos and potentially would willing to use it so they can share their lives in a new way, a dynamic way compared to just sharing photos.
  • Meipai converts a video taker to a “director”. One of the slogans that Meipai constantly use is let everyone become a director. With Meipai, even the worst video taker could easily become a director by using all of the features that Meipai provides, such as filter, effects, and music clips.
  • Knows users’ needs and attract the right customer. By successful grasp that Asian women like being narcissistic and taking selfies (nowadays, a lot of guys like to take selfies too and it becomes harder and harder to tell whether it’s a guy or girl and one of the explanations of this phenomenon is they could attract more girls by making themselves look feminine), Meipai became a huge success in Asia. Meipai provides a good place for people who want to be famous by letting them show their beauties, talents and lives to the public. There are all sorts of users who try to be famous, no matter the young, the old, the good-looking or the opposite.
  • Everything free of charge is a really appealing feature. There is no additional charge for using this app.
  • A platform for incubating potential celebrities. You could potentially become famous at no cost, and once you brand yourself really well and gains thousands of viewers, you could get some opportunities to earn money from putting advertisements for some company.
  • The features strengthened over time. Start with 10-second breakpoint video shooting, Meipai prolonged the length of video over time to 60s and 5min. More than that, Meipai also innovatively a feature called photo MV that allows you to choose 6 photos that you took and transformed it into a video. Bullet screening live commenting is another feature that was brought to Meipai later where people can see others live comments while watching the video. Some people enjoy it while some find it was annoying and switch it off. The third change that Meipai has made is creating a LIVE video streaming channel where gathers all sorts of grassroots anchors to live streaming their lives. The craziest one people ever talked about is streaming drinking waters on Meipai and earns thousands of viewers.
  • Great campaign and event planning. In 2005, Meipai created the largest online video album of choreographed dance which breaks the Guinness world Record.
  • Using social media as a main platform for its propagating. In the first stage when Meipai just started, it relies on social media a lot for branding and attracted more users to create its very own community. Meipai allows you to share your video to every social media platforms that are available. (No facebook for Chinese users because it’s being blocked, so does Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc)

My goal of doing this research is to let people know about this video app and analysis the success behind the scene as well as letting people know what business strategies they used to make itself organic and become a successful app in China and the whole Asia. I hope everyone can be inspired and learn from their success.

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