StartUp Season 3 is Here!

Finally! Gimlet Media’s podcast StartUp is live with season three. This is the show I have been waiting for new episodes of from them. This has been my favorite program Gimlet has produced. I was excited to jump right in and listen to the new episode.

Right of the bat StartUp hit me with potentially bad news. StartUp is changing the whole formula of the show this season. In the previous seasons StartUp has followed the progress of one start up business for the whole entire season. StartUp began in season one with the birth of Gimlet. In season two StartUp reported on Dating Ring. Each season was dedicated to covering these businesses in detail and the listener really got to know the intricate details of the businesses and got to know the people involved in building them. Now in season three StartUp is mixing things up. Season three will report on many different companies. This is likely to change the dynamic of the show as now listeners won’t be tuning in because they are excited to hear what happened next with these business men and women that they have gotten to know.

An even bigger shock to me is that Alex Blumberg will be taking a step back. The primary voice in season three of StartUp will be Lisa Chow and her cast of producers and reporters. I like Lisa and I am excited to hear some new voices, but I began this journey with StartUp and Gimlet because of Alex Blumberg. I enjoyed Alex Blumberg’s voice and style of reporting and followed him from Planet Money over to StartUp as soon as they mentioned it on Planet Money. I came to be a Gimlet fan because I was an Alex Blumberg fan and I can’t help but be disappointed that he will not feature prominently in this season. I hope to hear more from him soon.

I should say that the StartUp podcast has evolved each season so maybe this should not have been too big of a surprise. The first season comprised of Alex Blumberg reporting on his own journey to start Gimlet. It was awesome! Season two moved on to covering other businesses beginning with Dating Ring. It also added a co-host in Lisa Chow. Another excellent season. So these changes to season three may prove to be just fine. Less Alex, more everyone else. No feature business but a lot of mini stories on multiple businesses. No one big business to attach to, but a theme that carries on throughout the season. A theme of change.

Now that I have covered my complaints and fears about season three of StartUp I will say that I enjoyed season three episode one. It was a good story and an interesting one. The funny thing is throughout the entire episode I kept having this feeling of podcast deja vu, if there is such a thing. I kept feeling like this story was familiar and that I had heard it somewhere before, perhaps on another podcast. Maybe another podcast I listened to talked about the same business but it was long enough ago that I heard it that I do not remember all of the details just enough for it to have a familiar feel to the story. Maybe there are just too many podcasts out there covering too many similar stories that if you subscribe to more than one podcast that covers relating topics everything becomes a big mash up an nothing is distinct anymore.

Technology, business, and startups are all very popular topics in this moment and there are many, many podcasts to listen too. It seems very likely that some podcasts might cove the same stories. It is conceivable that there will be overlap and perhaps I consumed overlapping stories. This is not the first time I have heard a story on a podcast and thought I may have heard it before. This happens regularly with more current event type news podcasts to the point where I won’t listen to some of the podcasts because they are all talking about the same thing and it gets a bit stale.

I’m not sure if it is a podcasting problem, a journalism problem, or just a me problem. Maybe I just listen to too many podcasts and it’s all becoming one big blur.

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