In an online landscape where the present is the only time that exists, sometimes the old is the new that’s needed…

Part aggregator, part independent journal, NEW MODELS looks to Web 1.0 for inspiration, bringing a human-directed selection of information and opinion (including scholarly research, mass media, and social media threads) to a single, common, context rich page. Founded in Berlin in May 2018, NEW MODELS also produces a podcast and (soon) other proprietary content, all of which will be likewise aggregated on our primary site,, the journal’s central node and a portal to the world we aim to reflect. NEW MODELS spans art, politics, pop culture, as well as insights and analysis regarding emergent online ecosystems.

NEW MODELS believes that cultural debate needs context — and people with a personal stake in that debate to define it. In pursuit of this, we solicit input and feedback from the creative/academic/media community we come from and aim to intelligently centralize it in one common space outside individuating social media channels and their personalized feeds.

NEW MODELS wants to reclaim aggregation from the big stacks. It will continuously adapt.