New Moon Reminder — Today In Cancer

Every New Moon is a time to set intentions for our future and honor what’s important to us. All options are on the table as you put yourself at the center of your future plans. Old habits, actions, behaviors, and opinions can be reviewed as you search for new ways to personally develop. No matter what spiritual background you come from, participating in this monthly exercise can help you connect to your soul’s purpose and plan steps to get closer to it. Give yourself permission to connect authentically with yourself this month. Since we live in a Universe that is constantly moving, each month the New Moon is at a different place in our Cosmos allowing us a chance to plant different intentions throughout the year. A new cycle begins this time in Cancer which is about evolving spiritual and physical experiences.

Be part of a collective event done by people all over the world! Write your list after 9:30 pm EST Friday, June 23rd, 2017.


Changing directions


Femininity, water, family, home, nurturing, growth, moods, tenderness, intuition, purification, spiritual protection, and overcoming.


Happy New Moon in Cancer! The beginning of this cycle also marks the Summer Solstice, where the Sun stops and stands still for a moment to make the longest day of the year, and then turns to travel in the other direction (from our viewpoint). What is changing direction in your life? Where is a fresh start happening? For signs, look for what’s ending. Eventually that space will fill with new. Every endpoint is always the starting point for something else. Cancer represents the birth of all things. Let every day this next month be a new birth with evolving spiritual and physical experiences.
Today, a new cycle begins that sends us into the realm of our emotions. Are you ready? You might not be, but be aware that you’re going there anyways. Better to be prepared than surprised. Be open to understanding what physically is being produced as a result of your emotions. It is an evolutionary advantage for humans to keep their feelings inside to avoid dealing with emotional pain. Instead, emotions are reflected to our bodies physically. Where is your body hurting? What ailments do you have? Our emotions can fuel us, or run us into the ground. Show some love to those pain-body imprints and begin healing. Face these emotions as needed without fear or shame. If you do, you will feel magnitudes better!
Cancer’s energy is telling us to navigate our emotions consciously. What inner conflicts are going on in your soul producing the emotions you have? Mastering our emotions is crucial for a healthy well-being. Having a purpose in life helps us achieve a healthy emotional life because satisfaction then comes naturally. What are you doing with your time? Does it bring you joy and happiness? Are you doing what your soul loves? If not, fulfillment is not achieved and alternative means for happiness are found. Start along this path now, even if it takes the rest of your life trying to figure it out. Eventually you will be led to what your soul’s work should be.

Cancer is at the Zodiacal space of the Moon; therefore, it is innately associated with water, especially the ocean, because of its influence over the tides. Pay attention to your dreams. If they involve water, you’re tapping into emotions and the unconscious. Water in dreams bring out primordial responses in us. Uncover what they are to learn more about the sources of your emotions. The Moon also represents and activates our intuition. Pay attention to it this month and notice when you have the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Whenever we have a natural response to something, its intuitively coming from within guiding us. The Moon is connected with the intelligence inside the soul.

Diana, as Moon goddess. Engraving by N. Dorigny, 1695

Cancer is the caretaker of the Zodiac representing femininity and nurturement. What are you establishing for your home, family, roots? You will either love being at home now, or tested by it. Just like the crab retreats to the home on its back when threatened, we too have a place we call home where we feel deeply safe. It’s a good time to redecorate, clean out, or move around the space that you call your haven. Open the windows and walk through your house with sage, clearing out any energy not needed for your domain to be in sync. Does your home remind you of the past, ties that bind, or former commitments and promises? Or does it radiate a beautiful sense of peace, love, and security. You have a choice and support this month to make it what you want.
This New Moon is calling us to think indifferently towards such matters as the fates of world politics and media. Guilt and fear are society’s mechanism for control. Don’t retreat into your shell when you feel fear this month. Instead, acknowledge experiences as learning requirements for our soul. Every day we change, never remaining the same. Spend the next month regenerating all the parts of your whole!
As always, think accessibility instead of restriction, and you will do your part in preserving humankind.


  • Gather paper and a pen, pencil, marker or other type of writing utensil.
  • Review the focus areas for this month and begin to think about how they apply to your personal and professional life.
  • Write a list of what your hopes, dreams, goals, priorities, wishes, and prayers are for that moment. Typically no more than 10 is recommended. Be very specific, or extremely vague.
  • Review last month’s list and revise them on this month’s list, if necessary.
  • Place your notes somewhere safe and special to you. Some tape them to a window, under a lit candle, or leave them in their notebooks on their desks. Create the space that works for you. Leave it there all month until the next New Moon.
  • Allow and have faith in the power of connectedness in our universe to manifest your list.



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