New Moon Reminder — Today In Gemini

Every New Moon is a gateway to start anew, allowing us to dream about what we want to achieve and acknowledge what’s meaningful to us. Before the times of electronics, humanity turned to nature to increase their consciousness. No matter what spiritual background you come from, participating in this monthly exercise can help you connect to your soul’s purpose and plan steps to get closer to it. Give yourself permission to connect authentically with yourself this month. Since we live in a Universe that is constantly moving, each month the New Moon is at a different place in our Cosmos allowing us a chance to plant different intentions throughout the year. A new cycle begins this time in Gemini which is about having a fruitful exchange with the Universe.

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Connection, curiosity, variety, clarity, siblings, adventure, education, socializing, and listening.


Happy New Moon in Gemini! Today a new cycle begins that opens up communication pathways everywhere. Its considered a Super Moon, meaning it occurs at the point in the Moon’s orbit that is the closest to Earth. Therefore, there is a tremendous amount of energy available to use with this cycle. Gemini belongs to the element of air which connects it to all aspects of the mind. We have a portal into the next level of consciousness, one that is separate from traditions and preconceived notions to one of personal authenticity. This is a good time to take note of any telepathic or clairvoyant episodes, even your dreams, to obtain any metaphysical wisdom you may need. The Universe is trying to get your attention and the Super Moon increases this communication pathway into our rightful paths. Each of us are being called to some sort of awakening. Do not miss this opportunity for a fruitful exchange with the Cosmos.

Gemini energy is dual in nature and always in exchange. When these sides are in sync, this efficient flow makes obstacles fade away. When these dual forces are not in balance, chaos ensues. Just like the Chinese Ying and Yang, Gemini represents two halves that together complete and make whole. They are opposite, yet complimentary. When separate, this equilibrium becomes upset, chasing each other to get back to balance. This back and forth flow changes with time as we age and evolve and this New Moon cycle provides us an opportunity to see what is not in balance in our life. Thankfully, nature is set up to equalize and balance out naturally if we stay out of the way. Science has proven that order will come from chaos if we let time and the natural flow of energy do its thing. Think galaxy and planet formation after massive explosion of stars. It is time to get back into the natural current of life and stop trying to direct our own orchestras. Let go and let nature guide you back into balance. Think equations like E=mc2 where complexity equals out. Give up control and see what beauty the Universe takes you to. Will you stay afloat or be swept away to something new? You will only know if you let it happen naturally during this cycle. Be open to the fact that what we are led to might be completely different from what we assumed the truth of our lives are. This might mean that help appears out of nowhere, we are more willing than usual to try something, discipline matures, or intuition heightens — don’t become overheated in resistance, but instead flow with the winds of life.

This duality also means that one needs the other, as they are interdependent. What’s missing from your soul? What does it need to feel full and complete? Where do you need truth in your life? Is there knowledge missing that you must obtain? If so, this is the time to obtain it. Where is your curiosity at? Is there another point of view that should be considered? This a good time to see both sides of issues. Gemini’s concept of twins with two people encompassed in one, promotes this ideal of swaying back and forth between two ideals, platforms, opinions, thought processes, and more. Paying attention to when you have mood swings can give you guidance on what’s missing, or out of harmony.
Indian tradition also describes the dual nature of the Cosmos through the half man-woman concept. Ardhanarishvara is the expression of the inseparable and harmonious fusion between Shiva and Shakti which manifest as a single being. Although this represents many things, the reality being expressed in this dialectal form is that for Shiva to accommodate Shakti in his own body he has to shed half of himself, manifesting this idea that we all have equally feminine and masculine parts to ourselves. When these aspects of ourselves are in harmony and balance, one is in a state of ecstasy, symbolizing that we need both of these energies to grow, not only as persons, but as a human species that sets creation going. Here, there is no need for desire since completeness ensues, tearing away the concept of ego leading our lives, but instead seeking unity and equality within nature as the means for happiness. This concept is also uniquely shown in our chromosomes, in which every human has one X chromosome and all develop initially as a female (XX) and the presence of the Y chromosome turns off and on certain pathways creating a male (XY). This is why everyone is born with breasts, only males are not activated due to the presence of the Y chromosome.
Our relationships are a mirror to who we are. Everywhere in nature we find a tremendous urge to be united with something else. Through union with others we find resolution of this innate desire. With whom do you keep your company with? What type of relationships do you attract? To develop relationships that we want but do not currently have, we have to begin thinking about what we are currently attracting. Own up to what you see if you’re not happy with the awareness. The concept of Ardhanarishvara, Yin and Yang, and Gemini energy urges and inspires us into the unity and equality that produces the true rhythm of life. Tap into this rhythm with this New Moon cycle and see where the current takes you.
As always, don’t covet what you lack, instead be grateful for what you already have.


  • Gather paper and a pen, pencil, marker or other type of writing utensil.
  • Review the focus areas for this month and begin to think about how they apply to your personal and professional life.
  • Write a list of what your hopes, dreams, goals, priorities, wishes, and prayers are for that moment. Typically no more than 10 is recommended. Be very specific, or extremely vague.
  • Review last month’s list and revise them on this month’s list, if necessary.
  • Place your notes somewhere safe and special to you. Some tape them to a window, under a lit candle, or leave them in their notebooks on their desks. Create the space that works for you. Leave it there all month until the next New Moon.
  • Allow and have faith in the power of connectedness in our universe to manifest your list.



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