New Moon Reminder — Today In Aries

Every month’s New Moon is access to new beginnings, allowing us to dream about and appreciate what our priorities are. Before the technology revolution, humanity used nature to mature their consciousness. No matter what spiritual background you come from, participating in this monthly exercise can help you connect to your soul’s purpose and plan steps to get closer to it. Give yourself permission to know yourself better this month. Since we live in a Universe that is constantly moving, each month the New Moon is at a different place in our Cosmos allowing us a chance to plant different intentions throughout the year. A new cycle begins this time in Aries which is about re-inventing of oneself as needed.

Be part of a collective event done by people all over the world! Write your list after 9:57 pm EST on Monday, March 27th, 2017.



Honesty, new beginnings, assertiveness, innovation, exploration, initiating, and self-reliance.


Happy New Moon in Aries! We have just entered the spring equinox, which is indicated by the Sun moving into Aries. Equinoxes are the two times of the year when the amount of light and dark are the same. Balance has arrived. Honor your journey up to this point. It is who you are today. This New Moon in Aries represents the ram, providing us the energy to approach life from head on, as a ram would do in battle. There are competing and combative energies all around us, and the month’s New Moon provides us the ability to pioneer through any flare-ups. Being straightforward like a ram however needs courage. One must have confidence and passion behind strong actions and words.

Frans Huy, 1555

Honor who you are. Just be yourself. What does that mean? If you have a hard time defining attributes to describe you, then begin to consider mindfulness. Begin by breathing, catching notice of that which sustains you. Immediately you are drawn in to the present. The breath is powerful. Then be honest with yourself on what you find about your authentic self as you begin self-discovery. We often don’t only need to be forgiving of others, but also of ourselves. We are all human in nature which is imperfect at its core. Tap into the strength that is given to us, with this New Moon in Aries, to help you peel back the layers of who you are, or who you think you are. It takes immense energy to shed away all that our society and environment has placed on us. The goal is to get closer to being pure and authentically you. Take off any mask you may be wearing and tap into your natural impulses without judgement.

Make choices in your best interest. The energy is to focus on you. Be self-reliant in places where your dependence is unhealthy. Stop abandoning yourself for other things. Let joy manifest from being content. Not looking for the future and what’s next to come or how to get there, or what you need to do now to make it happen. Just be. And Just be you. Not what your told to be. What do you really want to “be” as perceived by others? Take time to become conscious and deconstruct why you believe the things you do. What type of inner programming of attitudes and beliefs reside with you? Know the source of your emotions and whether or not those attachments are worth it.

As always, move towards life, instead of death.


Gather paper and a pen, pencil, marker or other type of writing utensil.

Review the focus areas for this month and begin to think about how they apply to your personal and professional life.

Write a list of what your hopes, dreams, goals, priorities, wishes, and prayers are for that moment. Typically no more than 10 is recommended. Be very specific, or extremely vague.

Review last month’s list and revise them on this month’s list, if necessary.

Place your notes somewhere safe and special to you. Some tape them to a window, under a lit candle, or leave them in their notebooks on their desks. Create the space that works for you. Leave it there all month until the next New Moon.

Allow and have faith in the power of connectedness in our universe to manifest your list.



Join My New Moon Club to be reminded when the there is a New Moon, where it is in the sky, and what focus we should invite into our hopes, wishes, prayers and dreams.

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