New Moon Today In Scorpio — 11/17/18

Every month’s New Moon is full of chances to search for new and inventive ways to make progress as the energy of the Universe opens up to receive new seeds to grow. Fresh starts are always highlighted and will help all of us to look at elements of our life with new perspective. No matter what spiritual background you come from, participating in this monthly exercise can help you connect to your soul’s purpose and plan steps to get closer to it. Give yourself permission to connect authentically with yourself this month. Since we live in a Universe that is constantly moving, each month the New Moon is at a different place in our Cosmos allowing us a chance to plant different intentions throughout the year. A new cycle begins this time in Scorpio which is about letting go of unhealthy patterns and junk in our lives.

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Commitment, soul mates, forgiveness, empowerment, personal responsibility, self-mastery, and passion.


Happy New Moon in Scorpio! We are being urged with this New Moon to free ourselves from restrictions and negativity. Unfinished business is being illuminated in this dark Scorpion energy as emotions are raw and exposed. Although self-examination may be uncomfortable under these energies, the outcome is a more refined human and psychological healing. We will continue to repeat patterns until we learn from past experiences and mistakes, and this New Moon in Scorpio wants us to clear out some of these lingering unhealthy energies in preparation for the upcoming new year. Scorpio gives us a straight path of accessing our intuition to know what to leave behind before the fresh start.

We are often reminded by the daily news of what can happen when people reach their breaking point and have lost their sense of true inner power. We too have our own stories to add. Personal pain is a normal part of our existence. However, we are not invisible and do have a place in our world. This New Moon in Scorpio can be dark, but just as the stars pepper our sky, so does the joy in the small things we encounter daily. Scorpio reminds us of our mortality in this season of death, but also of the power we have to find and enjoy illumination in the many opportunities provided to us during our day. Raise your antennas and make it a priority to find joy every day, even in something as small as seeing a child sing, or enjoying a latte with extra cream. Make a commitment to regain your power by showing yourself love and compassion. None of us lead perfect lives. We are all on a journey of learning and growing. Practice radical forgiveness first with yourself, then exercise that skill on others.

The Alchemist by Emily Kell — Instagram: emilythefunkypriestess

This is a time to solidify our own philosophies. What are they? What are your personal truths? Take some time this cycle to consider what these are. If you have trouble with this exercise or need some help facilitating this, consider bringing an amazonite crystal into your space. This stone has its links to the ocean, the place of primal creation, bringing us back to the vibration of our beginnings before we lost touch from society’s conditioning. Use this cycle to reframe what you do with information that comes your way. Place your own lens on it and gain your personal perspective.

With Mercury retrograding this month as well, it’s time for revisiting some life lessons. Review what you have learned in 2018 as a way to prepare your space for the upcoming year change. Numerologically speaking, we will soon be transitioning from a number 2 year, to a number 3 year. This can be viewed as moving from a social year to one of your own personal needs. In other words, moving from we to I. We have a profound opportunity to move past old karmic patterns developed from our interaction with others to clear space for focusing on the beautiful internal you. Any last-minute expansion of this personal space will come through now as we dive into the watery depths of this Scorpio New Moon, as we are being called to heal ourselves first, then our world.

As always, a drop of wisdom — make partners not enemies.

With light and love,

Kat Lahr


Gather paper and a pen, pencil, marker or other type of writing utensil.

Review the focus areas for this month and begin to think about how they apply to your personal and professional life.

Write a list of what your hopes, dreams, goals, priorities, wishes, and prayers are for that moment.Typically no more than 10 is recommended. Be very specific, or extremely vague.

Review last month’s list and revise them on this month’s list, if necessary.

Place your notes somewhere safe and special to you. Some tape them to a window, under a lit candle, or leave them in their notebooks on their desks. Create the space that works for you. Leave it there all month until the next New Moon.

Allow and have faith in the power of inter-connectedness in our universe to manifest your list.


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