New Moon Reminder — Today In Libra

Every month’s New Moon is an excellent time for making a fresh start or starting a new project. All possibilities are available to you for future planning. Everyone can benefit from a burst of energy and initiative that marks the start of the New Moon’s 28-day cycle. No matter what spiritual background you come from, participating in this monthly exercise can help you connect to your soul’s purpose and plan steps to get closer to it. Give yourself permission to connect authentically with yourself this month. Since we live in a Universe that is constantly moving, each month the New Moon is at a different place in our Cosmos allowing us a chance to plant different intentions throughout the year. A new cycle begins this time in Libra which is about finding balance in massive changes.

Be part of a collective event done by people all over the world! Write your list after 2:12 pm EST on Thursday October 19th, 2017.




Partnership, peace, diplomacy, identity, justice, relationships, optimism, and empathy.


Happy New Moon in Libra! This month we need to find the balance. The scales that are the attribute of Libra pronounces it’s time to consider balance in our heart, minds, relationships, society, routine, environment… wherever needed. We all have areas of our lives that are going well, but then other parts need help. Consider what those parts of your life are. Where are you scattered about? That’s were balance is needed. Day to day consider how you are choosing to spend your energy. Is it balanced between all the important priorities in your life? Equilibrium is needed and if we don’t make it a priority, events will come along to force a shift. If you feel scattered and not sure how to start, diffuse some cypress to help ground your energy. Sometimes for balance to work, for yin and yang to connect, there is a need to let go of control. Understanding that we walk the path of fate helps us to release control a bit and take appreciation for life’s struggles as purposeful. Tap into the Libran energy this month if control is a priority for you. It’s at times when we let go of control and go with the flow that we are often able to finally obtain clarity and understanding.

The Plutonian energy of death, decay, and rebirth is strongly present this month as many cultures around the world celebrate the Day of the Dead or Hallow’s Eve, allowing us to peer through the thin veil that separates us from death. As the veil is lifted and the seasons change prepare for another deeper journey into your soul. In some parts of the world it’s starting to get darker for longer. In other places, the light is around longer. Even our home, Earth, needs to keep itself in balance. There is no surprise that her atmosphere is shaking up with storms, earthquakes, and fires all over the world in an effort to get back to homoeostasis. Her veins are clogged and her digestive system is out of whack. Libran energy this month will help her, and us, shift back into evenness from man’s assaults upon her and ourselves. Massive changes are coming for us personally, collectively, societally, globally. Now is the time to shake off the old and welcome the incoming because it’s happening anyways. Libra over the next 28 days helps us navigate through this process.

Who do you want happier times with in your life? Set an intention to make this happen, whoever it is personally or professionally. How can we deal with people in sensitive and effective ways should be a focus. Put yourself in the shoes of others to gain a perspective that may be very different from your own. We may need to do a better job at placing boundaries and many of us might need to learn how to say ‘no’. Think how you can add your yin to another’s yang. Appreciate culture and community this Libran cycle. Everyone has their own story to tell. Have empathy for the fellow human. Society has created an unhealthy competition with each other. Equality and fairness are Libran traits and this cycle is urging us to be more understanding of others. Find common ground instead.


What is currently jousting justice’s scales in your life? Freedom versus security, old way of living versus a new way of living, masculine versus feminine parts of oneself, aware versus not aware, truth versus lies, nourishing versus toxic? Libra wants us to critically think for ourselves and find out. Shake off the endless streams of mass media, social media, and tune in to your own airwaves. Energy is shaking up globally. Everyone must feel it. The status quo is shifting. The large gap between the rich and the poor wants to close — and it will — but with work towards the equality and justice that Libra stands for. Adapting to rapid change takes a lot out of us. Have patience with any resistance you may feel to the change. Libra energy provides us some common sense this cycle, as restlessness and impulsivity creep in as changes come. Try to increase the time between the event and your reaction. Attempt to add space for thinking proactively before responding. Libra will help us do this if we let her.

As always believe in the greater good, instead of perpetual personal gain.


  • Gather paper and a pen, pencil, marker or other type of writing utensil.
  • Review the focus areas for this month and begin to think about how they apply to your personal and professional life.
  • Write a list of what your hopes, dreams, goals, priorities, wishes, and prayers are for that moment. Typically no more than 10 is recommended. Be very specific, or extremely vague.
  • Review last month’s list and revise them on this month’s list, if necessary.
  • Place your notes somewhere safe and special to you. Some tape them to a window, under a lit candle, or leave them in their notebooks on their desks. Create the space that works for you. Leave it there all month until the next New Moon.
  • Allow and have faith in the power of connectedness in our universe to manifest your list.



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