Imagine a world without music…

Can you even think it let alone imagine a world without music — unthinkable unimaginable right!

But that is our future it we do not support and respect the talents of musicians — when I say that I mean people who can actually play and instrument, who’ve put in the hours of practice and turn up and play — no clever electronics to support them or gadgets to make their playing sound better I mean real playing

So a couple of things need to happen we need to look out for artists such as James Bay and many others who are passionately going back to analog to record real playing and singing to capture the sound live — after it’s the performance that we listen too, it’s that moment in time, that emotion felt and shared.

We also need to be careful that what we are listening to is in fact music. There is now what is often referred to as machine music out there, what’s this well simply put its a computer carefully programmed to create what they call music.

It uses a sequence of algorithms to create sounds which some claim is music but its passionless, emotionless and simply fills the silence. We hear something with our ears which I supposed could be called music but to me its simply audio wallpaper simply designed to fill a space.

So next time your in a bar or a club and there is a real live performer a guy playing the piano, stop listen and perhaps spend a moment to applaud after all a world without music is possible but we have the power to stop it by supporting and encouraging real music by real live musicians.

We many be simply the listeners but without our support there will be no real musicians to perform for us — take time to be active listeners and when you hear real playing support it

Till we talk again…