One Day The Radio Will Stop Playing!

I have been wondering how long can radio continue to believe that they are the taste makers and trendsetters they once were.

Who still uses the radio to find and listen to new music — or do you only listen to the radio as a last resort — are you tired as I am of stations playing and playing the same songs over and over.

When are Classic Rock stations going to realize that there was rock music on the 80’s and 90’s or will they continue to only play tracks from the 60’s and 70’s — surely they realize that all that is happening to their audience is its getting smaller and smaller.

Radio is not now see as a place to discover music after all that is impossible now that stations are genre formats — once upon their was Top 40 Radio that played the most popular songs so you could hear Rock, next to Soul, next to Pop the only format was popularity. Now there are many many different charts and formats there is even a chart for Smooth Jazz what ever that is as a format.

Some music genres have gone all together if your a Traditional Jazz fan and by that I mean John Coltrane and Dizzy Gillespie you don’t even have the option of listening to the radio, the same is true for Americana it does not make any Country Stations playlists I know of

Eventually, the audience and by that I mean us, you and me will simply stop listening to the radio and the stations will go dark.

However there is and opportunity for radio to become relevant again and that is to focus back onto two things in my opinion the only things that matter what are the audience and the personality on the air.

I do not believe we turn the radio on to listen to the next 10 great songs in a row after my phone can do that we turn the radio on to do what we always did back in the day and that is engage with a person and by that I mean the personality or DJ who is playing the music but in many stations there is simply no one there.

Radio its time to take action before all your own is a some rusty metal in a field somewhere near to town — after all you can own the audience if you take action and get back to doing what you do which become a focus on the community again — let the DJ’s say something that matter or say something which shows they have a real opinion — ask yourself when was the last time you ever heard a real opinion on the air.

Radio make the change before we are not listening anymore…