A new perspective — the story of Picter

Picter is a platform built by photo professionals and trusted by the world’s leading photo organizations. We connect photographers and people who work with images in one beautiful and secure space that is specifically designed to work with photography. In this blog post, the co-founder of Picter, Simon Karlstetter, shares how the idea for Picter was born and why a new tool to work with photography is needed.

From photo curation to building software

Over 10 years ago, my friends/colleagues and I, Claudio Ricci, Matthias Lohscheidt and Leon Kirchlechner, founded Der Greif, a non-profit organization for contemporary photography. Most of our projects invite artists and photographers to submit work through open calls. Every year, we received thousands of photo submissions in various ways such as email, Dropbox or WeTransfer. It became impossible to deal with all these gigabytes of files.

We therefore decided to create our own solution to efficiently handle all data within our team. We first shared our tool through Der Greif’s monthly online exhibition called ‘Guest Room’, which features other curators and photo editors. Through the really good initial feedback we received here, the idea to build a platform for people who work with photography emerged. And that’s basically how we started Picter!

Picter’s founders from left to right: Simon Karlstetter, Richard Stromer, Claudio Ricci, Leon Kirchlechner, Matthias Lohscheidt

The best tool for your best work

Richard Stromer joined us as the Head of Product and we then launched Picter in November 2016. For the past two years, we have namely focused on submission management for photo contests where photographers and photo artists can upload their projects and submit them to various open calls for entries from leading photography organizations. Photo curators and editors can select the right images in a beautiful and minimalistic environment, that gives photography the space it deserves.

More recently, in the past few months we have spoken to many people from the industry, including photographers with solid careers, emerging photo artists, editors of magazines, and managers of photo festivals for example. We found that all of them faced the same challenge: to efficiently work with large numbers of photos. It therefore became clear to us that currently there is no tool out there that fulfills the needs that photo professionals have: to share files with the right people in the right resolution, to go through various images and select the right ones. More importantly, a platform to also keep creative control of their work.

In the upcoming months and years, we see ourselves building a beautiful and secure platform that meets the requirements people have when working with photography. People who share the same passion for photography that we do, who are eager to get a new perspective on how to work with photography, and who ultimately want to see the big picture.

Thank you for your trust and for being part of our journey!

Simon Karlstetter,

Chief Strategy Officer at Picter

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