Want to manage your photo competition with ease? Here’s how!

Picter is a platform built by photo professionals and trusted by the world’s leading photo organizations. We started out building an infrastructure to streamline photo competitions for both photographers and organizations hosting competitions. In this blog post, the co-founder of Picter and CEO, Claudio Ricci, gives us an update about the recent developments in our competition management tool.

Working with large amounts of image files can be a mess, especially if you receive images from various different parties. Trust me, I know what I am talking about, I’ve been there. As a managing director of the photo magazine “DER GREIF”, over the years my team and I received thousands of photo submissions for our organization. We love photography. Curating images and bringing them together in various ways — in print, online and in exhibitions — is a process that always stays exciting. But we came to a realization that there is not a single tool out there for working collaboratively with large amount of image files. So we created Picter — a better way to manage photo submissions.

Picter brings together photographers and people working with photography. On the one side, we created Picter’s competition management for everyone who receives photo submissions — no matter if you are hosting a photo contest, call for entries for grants or residencies, running a photography magazine, you are planning a photo festival or any other kind of photo exhibition with open submissions. On the other side, we allow photographers to enter photo competitions with ease.

Getting started — call for entries with Picter

Picter allows you to create a branded landing page for your photo competition. This is a central starting point for the journey of your entrants. We promote this link in our network of high quality photographers and photo artists internally on Picter and externally on our social media channels.

Picter’s guided submission journey leads your entrants through the whole submission process. No more lost projects, missing info or redundant questions! Payment integration allows you to accept submission fees easily with major payment methods.

Finding the best photo talent — evaluate your submissions

As the manager of a photo contest you can view all submissions in Picter’s competition management and invite your jurors to work with them from here. Simply choose if you want to evaluate single images, projects or authors. Organize your submissions in rounds or collections, add custom labels and use our Five-Star rating mode or our Simple voting mode to evaluate your submissions. Adapt your process to specific workflows by downloading the submissions data in .xls files, or by exporting your contest’s data with our batch download.

Completing your contest — keep everyone in the loop

After you’ve completed your evaluation, it’s time to inform your entrants about the status of their submissions. Picter comes with mailchimp integration that allows easy communication with entrants.

Get better insights and learn more from your applicants with rich statistics and if you ever have any questions, our customer support team has you covered.

Sounds good? Contact our sales team if you have any open question or to request a demo: https://www.picter.com/contest-hosting

Claudio Ricci, 
Co-founder & CEO at Picter