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Peter Fray

Corporate Influence on Journalism Mirrors Influence on Politics

This is a somewhat exciting report, considering the recent news surrounding Journalism and Social Media. Our group is made up from a community of volunteers known as the New Politics Nation Initiative. We focus on solutions (based on our own Journalism and Research), to the current system of government in the United States. Much like the American media, it has been infiltrated by special-interests. those interests bring tremendous amounts of financial influence.

Today we find ourselves voting for who we think would best represent our communities, be an advocate for the betterment of our country, and most importantly to be a positive influence that the younger generations can look up too. However, once they are elected into office they quickly forget who they represent. Largely due to self-preservation by way of massive corporate handouts.

Surely you’ve noticed that the United States quickly became a punchline for the rest of the world. At NPNI, we all feel that our great Nation is still the greatest, but she is constantly embarrassed by divisive partisan-politics, and political rhetoric that borders on lunacy. Whether it’s Mitch McConnell or any other politician. ALL of them seem intent on dividing a nation that relies heavily on Unity to maintain our status as the leaders of the free-world.

Born from all this corruption (as our founders call it) comes the inevitable afterbirth. Overwhelming issues such as social-injustice along with class-inequality. Our mission is to bring the American people together and find the commonality in individual concerns for any given issue. From racism, income inequality, economic inequality and anything else you can think of.

From the commonalities among our fellow concerned citizens, the best solutions are born. Solutions that can be agreed on by all, thus satisfying the concerns of everyone. Solutions for the very same concerns that once seemed so divisive and there wasn’t much hope for. ~ Arturo Extreme, Co-Founder of NPNI

On occasion a concession may have to be made, however we find this to be a rarity since we find commonalities to be prevalent in every situation. The differing views of an issue require understanding them. This allows for new perspectives, insights, and respect for opposing views as well one’s own. Thus allowing people to understand, particularly when presented with tangible fact-based research and reports. Which we are trying to keep up with, and continue to provide for our community.

Providing our members with accurate information, research, and news for everyone to study, allowing us continue our mission of finding solutions. We now feel the need to write our own articles based on our own research, due to widespread media bias. Yes it is a daunting task, but instead of the “I’d rather be first and wrong as opposed to being right”, our focus remains on providing non-partisanship facts, being as accurate as possible, and most importantly being correct in our reports.

Our community was started with just a handful of members fighting for our local schools in Texas. I know it sounds like a losing battle, but we saw major progress for the entire state in 2007 our first-year. Since then, our mission has been applied to tackling many more issues. We still maintain the fight for our children’s education, we are now focused on the public-school systems nationally as well.

Needless to say, we are no longer just a group from Texas. But we have members all over the country. Our founder has financially supported our Initiative since the beginning, something some will admit we took for granted. While he can no longer sustain it on his own since having a mild stroke a little over a year ago. We owe it to him, to continue our mission. We are beginning to look and try out tools for fund-raising. We are also looking into partnering with other groups while employing open-sourced tools and more.

As the story always goes. The growth of our Initiative brings much excitement and motivates us to keep moving forward. That very same growth costs a lot of money, and we are finding ourselves limited more and more with our budget. It really is a tremendous amount of growth, and for that we are thankful and proud to see so many people motivated to get involved. But that same growth has been relentless since a year ago this month, and as volunteers we struggle to keep up sometimes.

A lot of good things are happening, our website is undergoing an overhaul to better suit integrating all of our research, and reports in one place. As of this moment, as it has been for many months, our journalism and media side has been getting most of the attention from our open community. We must and will continue to keep getting our reports out as efficiently as possible. With truth, honesty and integrity.

Your post gives us hope for the future of Journalism. Unfortunately, as a Nation we find ourselves in a time where many no longer have trust in our “papers of record’. All of so-called news outlets have become more concerned with promoting and reporting divisive stories with very little facts and entirely too much opinion. Yes Journalism is in a bad place in the United States, along with the rest of the world.

We want to be a part of the solution.

At NPNI, we always say that we hope that more people notice. Realizing that without accurate information through honest Journalists that still have integrity, we will never know the truth about anything. Unless we see a dramatic change in Journalism as it stands. We need to get fact-based stories covering the most important issues.

People can (and will) make their own judgments on fact-based news. However we would see much less of a gap in the differences of opinion if we have the truth.

Let the tabloids, TMZ, and the other mediocre media outlets handle the celebrity gossip.

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