// Everest Is Easy //

When we’re looking for content we try to find pieces that completely disrupt common media stereotypes. So when we came across this one we just kind of fell in love.

When you see Lhakpa’s photo, American mountain climber probably isn’t your first thought and that’s why it’s great. There is so much going on here that breaks the “rules” of culture, gender and the traditional news cycle — but ultimately the litmus test for anything we put out is the feel. And this one felt good.

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Everest is easy. Just ask Lhakpa Sherpa.

She’s a single-mother with a full-time job living in Connecticut. Between raising her children and navigating the day to day surprises of life, Lhakpa’s climbed Mt. Everest 7 times — more than any other woman in the world.

Lhakpa grew up in Nepal and as a teenager, she worked the in mountains. Eventually, the itch to climb became too much and she set off on a trip. It ended rather quickly with a 2-day hike back on a broken femur. A rough start, am I right?

But Lhakpa is tenacious. She was back climbing as soon as she could walk, cutting her teeth on Nepal’s smaller peaks before setting her sights on the Earth’s highest peak.

Fake it ‘till you make, you know what we mean?

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