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5 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

Check out these daily habits that you can incorporate into your life when the colder months get you down.

There are many exciting things about moving into the winter season! The holidays, turtleneck sweaters, time spent with family and friends, hot cocoa, and an excuse to get cozy.

However, with winter also comes things like colder weather, seasonal depression, dry skin, colds, and more. Here are 6 tips to keep you going this Winter despite these many changes.

Coping with Colder Weather

The average winter temperatures in the U.S. can range anywhere from 67.4 degrees to a low of 2.6 degrees. Wherever you are, it’s always wise to bundle up in multiple layers if temperatures drop. Stay warm by throwing on some extra thick socks, a beanie, and cozy up at home with a seasonal recipe. Your body will thank you later!

Be Mindful of Mental Health

As daylight hours shorten and colder weather sets in, we start to lack Vitamin D that helps our brain regulate mood. SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, is a common depression that occurs during the changing of the seasons, especially in the winter. To help support your mental health, try taking Vitamin D or using a light therapy lamp, talking with others, staying active, and practicing mindfulness.

Stay on Top of Immune Health

Just as important as mental health is our physical health. Some research shows that colder weather can suppress our immune system. Combat this by taking products that support healthy immune function such as Vitamin C, Zinc, and Elderberry in addition to maintaining a healthy diet, staying hydrated, and exercising regularly.

Find New Ways to Exercise

There’s something about winter that makes it so hard to stay active. But this is the best time to get creative with your workouts! If you prefer outside, invest in some weather-appropriate workout gear. If you prefer indoor workouts, there are plenty of options like yoga, pickleball, weight training, indoor swimming, and more!

Beat Dry Skin

One of the biggest organs that suffer during winter is our skin. There are plenty of ways to avoid dry, blistering skin in the winter. Invest in great skincare that will moisturize and nourish your body from the inside out. A good humidifier also works wonders during drier weather. And, if you love hot showers, consider putting that on hold for a season and switch to shorter, warmer showers to avoid drying out the skin.

We hope these tips serve you well this winter. As always, the most important thing you can do to support whole-body health is finding the right solutions for your body, eating healthy, exercising regularly, and living a balanced lifestyle.



New U Life is a corporation focused on supporting families and individuals in their journey to whole-body health. Our innovative products help build you better from the inside out and the outside in a natural, sustainable way.

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