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Podcast: Travin Singh explains how reducing food loss helps improve profitability

It is possible to add revenue lines with up-cycled products

If you are an investor in food here are the things you will learn from this podcast with Travin Singh, founder of CRUST Group.

  1. Food upcycling adds to the revenue of food, retail and hospitality companies.
  2. An upcycled product (made from food that would have lost) can cost more than a “normal” one but, like with every other clean technology, prices come down with scale.
  3. It does not take that much time to get a product out into the market using existing ingredients.
  4. Replacing ingredients with locally available material is harder and takes more developmental effort.
  5. Reducing local food waste to replace products (that is possibly imported) goes a long way in reducing carbon emissions but may make the business less scalable.

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