On making new wagers

New Wagers is a publication on work & it’s future — the labors, the toils, and the jobs that take up the waking hours of our days, and how that might change in coming years.

We’re making a bet — a wager, if you will — that work as we know it now, and the structures of labor and capital that have built up our economic systems — are well on the way towards a dramatic shift. We are not doomsayers here to tell you that the next oncoming technology, be it an app or AI, will take all our jobs. We don’t pander to the tech industry’s paranoia that the future we’re building will nevertheless leave humanity behind. Our bet instead focuses on the systems behind new technologies:

Can we restructure our companies to equalize the balance between capital and labor?

Can we shape our jobs to solve the most desperate world problems, even if we don’t work in a social enterprise or non-profit?

Does artificial intelligence hold the hope that we can build technologies aimed at removing the drudge work, freeing our time and creative energy for the problems we care about?

We aim to find a new path forward in this new age of work — not one controlled by few while the many toil underneath them, and not one where the many find that their work has lost meaning and value. We believe there are egalitarian, non-partisan solutions to the political and economic issues that affect our workplace, from finding a better system for health insurance to increasing the rates of startup & new business creation. And we’re betting that individuals — the grassroots movements led by entrepreneurs, small business, and everyday employees — are the key to ensuring the systems we work in work for all of us.

We welcome you to come explore these questions with us. Follow our stories and ideas on Twitter (@new_wagers), or send us a note at newwagers@gmail.com. All ideas are welcome (and happily debated).