1 Powerful Lesson From Two Supermarket Giants

That will set you apart in the market

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Have you ever shopped in Aldi? (a budget supermarket here in the UK)

The shop is scattered. It feels almost like an underground basement where they sell products that have “fallen off the wagon”.

The staff is scarce and when you come to pay, you’re rushed through so fast you’re hanging bananas from your ears just to free up your hands.

But there is no mistaking it’s cheap and you get a bargain.

Now compare that to Marks & Spencer’s (a more upmarket store here in the UK).

It feels a lot different.

There’s a calm and relaxing feel. You’re more at ease with the surroundings. It’s even pleasurable taking your time and browsing through the aisles.

After all, there is so much more variety and staff at every turn.

And then when you come to pay at M&S, instead of being loaded up like a packhorse,

You get asked,

“would you like a hand packing your bags today?”

It feels nice and reassuring. Like they care.

Yet there’s no mistaking it’s so much more expensive. Even though the food is the same, just in fancier packaging.

So what gives, why do people pay extra shopping in M&S when they could save £50 shopping in Aldi?

It all comes down to one key thing…

The story these companies tell.

The reason for their rapid scanning and bargain-basement feel at Aldi is to keep costs low so they can be the cheapest.

Less staff means fewer overheads.

Rapid scanning equals faster custom.

Aldi is not about the customer service or the quality of their premium cut grass-fed organic Highland cow.

Instead, Aldi is a place for people to shop and save money.

Therefore, Aldi’s story is to be the cheapest to attract people who want to save money.

Quantity over quality.

On the flip side,

M&S offer quality and customer experience. They don’t want people to rush through their shop, their aim is to keep you there longer.

They want you to feel welcome, so you come back. And maybe next time with a friend or two.

Now imagine each of these brands had no story.

Both companies just opened a shop next door to each other and sold products.

No difference, everything was the same.

Which would you choose?

Possibly the one whose name sounds better in your ears? Or perhaps the one with the fancier logo?

So, can you see the problem?

Nothing differentiates them so neither presents a valid reason to shop there. Other than you can get your daily essentials.

Now think of the story they do tell…

Aldi is cheap and you get a bargain. Their core values are beating prices and saving their customers money.

M&S are expensive, but they make you feel special. Their core values are service and customer experience.

Two completely different ends of the market, two completely different stories.

The problem with most business owners is they follow the vanilla route and blend in.

Trying to serve everyone yet in the process serving no one.

Your story, your core values and how you serve with excellence is critical to the success of your business.

But if you’re not articulating this message clearly and concisely you run the risk of not being seen.

And then the negative chatter begins…

The self-doubts, the uncertainty and the “nobody wants what I’ve got” lie

The truth is when you become connected to your story it empowers your beliefs.

You gain likeability, trust and you start to influence the right people to take action in your business.

But if you just offer a product or service with no story and clear core values, you lose to someone else who tells a better story.

People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic — Seth Godin

So what’s your story?




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