10 Reasons You Should Write Every Day

Even if you're not a writer or even want to be

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If there was 1 single habit I had to choose for life, it would be to write every day. Writing will change your life. No seriously, it will. I guarantee it.

No, you don’t need to write a book (unless you want to) No, you don’t need to start a blog (unless you want to) No, you don’t show anyone (unless you want to)

So why write?

Well, here are 10 reasons to write every day

  1. Writing clarifies your thinking

With over 60,000 thoughts per day, it can get congested up there.

2. Writing helps you to understand your crazy mind

Your mind is powerful. To understand your mind's true potential you need to know it.

3. Writing declutters your overloaded brain

The world is abundant with information. A clear mind is a creative mind. Clear out the clutter.

4. Writing sparks your ideas

Ideas compound. Write them down and the good ones will expand.

5. Writing allows you to express your ideas and see them in physical form

You will see your ideas in a completely different light.

6. Writing has healing powers. It has a direct link with happiness and the power to improve emotional well-being and achievement.

Here’s a great article by Benjamin Hardy, PhD

7. Writing can be turned into a side gig for additional income

^^^read that again. Yes, you can earn money by writing. Your knowledge and experience are invaluable. Sinem Günel has many great articles on this topic. Here’s one I liked.

8. Writing strengthens your values and view of the world

We’re driven by values. Yet it’s surprising how many people don’t have strong values. Instead, they live by other people’s. You are an individual. Know your voice.

9. Writing (along with reading) is a profound skill that develops your brain like nothing else.

If nothing else, challenge your brain's capabilities to learn and develop new skills.

10. Writing will change your life

The brightest minds write every day. Which btw has nothing to do with intelligence. By bright, I refer to switched on, stimulated, active.

See most people, switch off.

After a stressful day at the office, they collapse on the couch, crack open a beer (or several) and turn on Netflix and scroll social… all at the same time. Multi-tasking genius.

3 hours later you’re dragging your fatigued carcass off to bed. The next day you’re waking up feeling like a bag of hammers. And the process continues. Day after month after year.

I’m not saying you need to write a masterpiece novel. The practice of pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) alone will help you to think differently.

Start simple by writing down your thoughts, ideas, and any other crazy noise that’s in your head. Don’t judge it. Don’t analyse it. Take it for what it is.

You’ll be surprised at what you find.

Key Message:

The habit of writing will transform your life. Writing will help you discover things about yourself that you don’t know right. It will change you. That I guarantee.

For more ways to become an even better human, download my free workbook — From Average to Excellence.

Thank you for reading : )




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