2 Funny Thoughts About My Face Veils By Simple Minded Children

How children’s innocent reasonings will make us laugh with joy

How children’s innocent reasonings will make us laugh in joy
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Ihave been on the face veil for 8 years before the pandemic came.

I met wonderful souls. They are children who did not display fear, but curiosity. They looked innocent, but their minds were crafted with many funny stories and ideas.

Here are 2 funny thoughts about my face veils by simple-minded children. We are a nation of tolerance and respect for our differences. I hope you’ll laugh too, as you read on.

Explanation #1: She’s a Black Hello Kitty!

“Look, grandma! She’s a Black Harlow Kitty!” Laughed the 4 years old girl.

I just alighted from the bus with groceries in my hands. The little girl pointed towards me directly. Her grandma was startled and panicked. She brought down the girl’s hand quickly.

“Ssshhh. Don’t say that. It’s not nice. ” Said her grandma in the Mandarin language.

Knowing common languages in your homeland makes it easier for interaction. I often responded in the same language to break the ice between us. I started to laugh. The grandma was surprised by my Mandarin literacy, she smiled widely.

“It’s okay, grandma. Yes, I’m hello kitty sister. Hello Kitty is white. I’m black. How did you know I am Hello Kitty’s sister?”

The girl said cheerfully, “Because Hello Kitty got no mouth. You too.”

She pointed out to her Hello Kitty key chains from her schoolbag. I was surprised. What a discovery indeed!

“Hello Kitty got a nose. I don’t. Maybe I shall go home and cut small holes in my nose area.” I said entertaining the little girl with her grandma. They were waiting for their bus to go for lunch.

We met at the same bus stop on several occasions. No longer strangers. Whenever the little girl saw me from far, she started jumping with joy and pointed towards me.

The neighborhood got added with the new joy found.

Explanation #2: Look, dad! A Ninja Turtle’s trainee!

I just boarded the bus. I saw the boy between the age of 5 to 7 years old. Next to him was his father. He asked softly to him, yet clear enough for me to read lips movement.

“Why does she cover her face? I think she wants to be PJ Mask hero.”

And his father started giggling. Then his father mimicked to him some ninja movements by hands like the cartoon show — PJ Mask. I pretended to be unaware, but couldn’t help to eavesdrop on their conversation.

In social media marketing, we have the role of listening to the public for feedback.

“ I think she’s the green PJ Mask. She looked more like a Ninja Turtle trainee.”

His father continued to entertain him. I couldn’t hold my giggle anymore and started to laugh.

His father looked at me saying “I’m sorry I don’t mean to offend you, but I don’t know how to explain to my son too.”

We both laughed.

“It’s okay. He’s creative. Yeah, I like Ninja Turtle. Michael Angelo. ” I said

Our bus conversation continued where his father mentioned excitedly “Yeah, me too. That means you are about my age. It was in our generation. I always wanted to be Donatello.”

Our long bus ride was filled with conversations about good old-day cartoons. Captain planet. Ninja Turtle. Goldilocks.

6 months later…

Covid19 greeted the World. So sudden. Wearing a mask is mandatory in Singapore. We will be going to the 2nd year, having the mask on our faces. I got more varieties of masks from plain to cartoons when I had to help out in schools.

“Aunt Lisa!”

I heard the voice from somewhere. I turned around and saw the boy again. His father was asking him to wait as he tried to catch up. We started to talk about the masks. We headed towards the market together. And we bought masks. There were those pieces of masks with different patterns. Schools made it compulsory too for all students to wear a mask.

“At least now I hardly see my son falling sick. I seldom apply for urgent leave. I can understand your practical use of a face veil. ” Said his father.

We created in our mind what to Believe until we had to mask up. It can be daunting for the senior citizens, like my dad, who prefers no object obstructing his nose to breathe.

Sometimes, we could not understand certain things that are happening around us. And we could not think further for reasons. However, I learned children gave creative ideas behind every moment we lived. And they only wanted to view every angle with joy.

So if you have children, find time and strike thoughtful conversations with them. They may blurt out solutions without us realizing it.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe. Stay healthy.




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