5 Types of Rest That Are Good for You

Every human being needs rest. The body and mind will recover after we exhaust ourselves while doing activities with rest


Rest is very important for everyone. Without rest, we will feel exhausted in life, causing us to find it difficult to focus.

Through this article, I will explain about rest. By reading this article, you will gain insight into:

  1. Why is rest so important?
  2. How do rest properly?
  3. In-depth explanation, of the recommended break according to psychology and how to do it. Then along with a sign from yourself, you need to rest (The sign will be bold & italic).

Those are some topics that I will raise about rest. I strongly encourage you to read to the end, so you don’t misunderstand.

Why Is Rest So Important?

Every human being needs rest. The body and mind will recover after we exhaust ourselves while doing activities with rest. Rest takes many forms. But, taking a break doesn’t mean you don’t do anything (I’ll explain that later in the next topic).

I’ll give you a few reasons why rest is important:

Restore body and mind

With rest, we are giving ourselves space. Giving yourself space is very important. Remember, in the end; you are a human, not a robot. You still have to take care of yourself and occasionally feel the freedom to enjoy life. We must not force ourselves to overwork and neglect our physical and mental health.

We all have our limits, and we all feel tired. We have to realize that. Sometimes, we can pamper ourselves. But remember, don’t overdo it and get used to giving time limits. To avoid the nature of procrastination. So the point is without rest, we will feel tired. Tired mind, prone to stress, physically tired, and many other negative things will harm us.

Strongly affect performance

It is undeniable that time off greatly affects performance. Adequate rest, of course, will improve memory, focus, and good performance. Working without rest is the same as chasing quantity but forgetting about quality. Good quality is more important than good quantity. That’s my opinion.

Strengthen the immune system

Kimberly Hardin, MD, Director of the Sleep Medicine Fellowship Program at the University of California. Saying that poor quality sleep can have both short and long-term health consequences. More specifically, he said.

“Bad sleep can lead to long-term health problems, such as impaired memory, blood sugar, and others,” says Hardin.

With this, it is very clear that adequate sleep is very important.

Although the reasons above are only a small part of the importance of rest, it suffices to explain that it is very important for us to take care of ourselves. Being hard with yourself is indeed a good thing; it will prevent us from being lazy and other negative things. But being too hard on yourself isn’t good either. Anything that is done in excess is not good. This applies to everything. So, we should not overdo it in any way.

How Do Rest Properly?

Knowing the right way to rest will improve the quality of your rest. That way, you can work again optimally. It was mentioned above that taking a break does not mean not doing anything. The right rest has a way so that the rest is of quality. I will mention a little about how to rest properly.

  1. Reduce excessive use of gadgets.
  2. Make time to exercise every day, even if only briefly.
  3. Avoid smoking and alcohol.
  4. Do not consume excessive caffeine.
  5. Avoid naps that are too long, preferably no more than 30 minutes. So as not to disturb your night’s sleep.

That’s a little I can share, and I hope can be useful.

Good Rest, According to Psychology

Adequate sleep does bring good benefits for life. But getting enough sleep is not enough. According to psychology, 5 breaks must be considered. The five include physical rest, mental rest, sensory rest, emotional rest, and social rest.

I will explain one by one about these 5 things.

Physical Rest

Physical rest is any activity that releases tension and restores calm to the body. As you begin to give your body the physical rest it needs, you will learn to be more in tune with what your body is telling you. You will be more sensitive if you are physically tired, so you will regularly rest your body. Know that physical rest can come in a short amount of time, and you can work on it every day. I know you can do it. Your body will thank you when you give yourself space if your body is often sick or achy. You feel you don’t have the energy to complete your tasks. You are often sick and have a weak immune system. Relying on substances to increase your energy (such as coffee, energy bars, energy drinks, or the like). If you start to feel it, it’s a signal from yourself that you need physical rest. I’ll give you a little example of a good form of physical rest:

  1. By doing yoga to stretch the body, you can set the time to taste.
  2. Lie down for a moment in a supine position for 5 minutes. Focus on releasing tension in each of your muscles.
  3. Soak in warm water to relax the body.

I have tried these three things myself, and they have proven to reduce physical fatigue.

Mental Rest

In the same way, physically, we experience fatigue when we work too hard, and our brains experience fatigue. Mentally involved in excessive thinking, reasoning, and remembering activities. This phenomenon can lead to decreased productivity. Decreased cognitive function and even decreased physical performance. So, we need to restore minds. When you start thinking about your day, you start to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. You avoid activities for fear of making mistakes. Your mind feels foggy and not functioning fully. If you feel these signs, it’s a sign you need mental rest. I will share a quick way that you can do this:

  1. Meditate for a few minutes every day.
  2. Eliminate unnecessary tasks. Doing this will reduce the burden and reduce mental stress. You can choose tasks that can be stopped and create a realistic daily list.
  3. Do difficult activities early. Doing activities that are difficult to do earlier will lighten the load.
  4. Nothing is perfect. Stop thinking about doing everything perfectly. It will only make you tired and depressed while living it. Do your best, but don’t think about doing it perfectly.

Sensory Rest

Sensory fatigue can sneak up on you and seem impossible to avoid. We all need a break from screen light and noise. We all need a time limit on the sugar we consume and the fake flavors in our coffee. We all need to find stillness and silence in the little moments of our daily lives. Moreover, coupled with living in a city that is crowded with residents, full of noise, annoying neighbors, and other things. That’s why we need to rest. This rest and stillness that I am talking about is sensory rest. Loud noises make you flinch or wince or have some adverse reaction. You don’t enjoy the occasional sensory-rich experience like a concert or going to the movies. You don’t seem to notice or pick up on scents that other people smell strongly. If you feel that way, it’s a sign you need to rest. I will share the right way for you. Here’s how:

  1. Stay away from gadgets, televisions, and electronic items that can affect your senses. By doing this, you will feel calm and at rest. Free of notification distractions, television distractions, and other distractions. If this is difficult for you to do every night, try doing it for 1 hour on a few days.
  2. Eliminate processed foods from your diet. I didn’t order you to remove everything but try eliminating one processed food item from your menu because too many processed foods can rob you of your enjoyment of natural foods.
  3. Go outside. Go outside, and find a quiet place. And try to slowly breathe fresh air and feel the sensation. Enjoy the silence for a few minutes, and it will make you feel better. But for those who live in the middle of a busy city, it might take more effort to find a place like that.

Emotional Rest

If you imagine your emotions as a piggy bank, you are constantly making withdrawals. Have you ever considered that you need to replenish the bank before your emotional stores are drained or exhausted? An empty bank can lead to burnout and hopelessness. Not only does this have an impact on our relationships and mental health, but it can also have an impact on our physical as well.

Emotional exhaustion is clearly described by Saundra Dalton-Smith, MD, in her book, Sacred Rest.

Each of us has an internal capacity to manage emotions. We devote this space when we offer sympathy to a friend who has just lost her husband. Comfort a crying toddler in our arms, or encourage our coworker to get a job done well. Every interaction gives a little of ourselves. When our emotional withdrawal exceeds our emotional capacity, we will experience emotional exhaustion.

But, how to realize that we need emotional rest? You can’t feel emotions like you used to, or you feel emotionally numb. You are constantly isolating yourself from other people. You are often filled with thoughts of worry or anxiety. You are easily distracted and have trouble focusing. If that’s how you feel, you need emotional rest. I’m going to share some ways to give your emotional rest:

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others. Being someone else is exhausting; you have to try to be yourself. If necessary, you can keep social media out of your life or use it sparingly. Social media is a place where we compare ourselves to others. That is why I am now reducing the use of social media.
  2. Take time for yourself. Temporarily forgetting our responsibilities is very helpful in the recovery process. Take 15 minutes. Get up early and try to stop thinking heavy things, let go of all the burdens of thoughts.
  3. Exercise. This activity has many benefits. Your body becomes healthier, avoids various diseases, does not get tired easily, and there are many more benefits of exercise. In fact, various studies say. That exercise can reduce stress hormones. So with exercise, we can reduce stress. This can help our emotional recovery process.

Social Rest

Many of us will hear the expression social rest and think it means we need to spend some time alone. But, that is not what social rest is all about. When we experience a lack of interaction with others that leave us feeling lonely and isolated, we need social rest. Social rest is about creating space for the relationships that bring us revival. Social breaks feel like interacting with other people and leaving fuller than you started. Social rest comes from meaningful interactions with others where there is no fear of disapproval or rejection. Social rest evolves from freedom to being truly authentic with other human beings. If you start to find it difficult for you to maintain close relationships or develop friendships. You isolate yourself from other people. You feel alone in the world. Feeling disconnected from friends and family. Prefer to interact through online chat rather than interacting directly. If you feel this way, it means you need a social break. I will share a little, about how to take a social break. Here’s how:

  1. Talk to your closest friends or family members over the phone. Interacting directly is indeed better. But sometimes, it’s a matter of time. Makes it difficult for us to meet in person, especially if your friends or family members are busy people.
  2. Take time to talk to your partner. Our partners are the closest people to us; they are the ones who understand us better. They understand us better than our own families. Why is this happening? Because some people (including me) share stories or complaints with our partners more often than our families. That’s what makes our partner understand us better. So take the time to talk to your partner.
  3. Make an appointment with a friend. In-person interaction is better than online interaction. By meeting face to face, we can be more flexible.
  4. Go on vacation. If you have a lot of time, this method can be used. This can help you recover yourself.

Being productive is great, but we must not forget ourselves. We must realize that we are ordinary humans who will feel tired and rest is our need. The five things according to psychology which I explained in-depth, I hope, can make us aware. That, we need it. Adequate sleep is good, but that alone is not enough to meet our rest needs. I hope this can be useful for you.

Thanks for reading to the end…



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