7 Rules For A Successful Life

We gotta stop questioning why our path is so hard and start understanding that we don’t have an average destiny to fulfill

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1. Family Comes First

How did we come to this world? Who raised us since childhood? Who gave us food and clothes since childhood? Who did all our pampering? Who supported us on bad days? Mom — Dad (Family) right!

So now you’re grown up, have you forgotten what they did for you? You’re too busy with work that you don’t have time for your family, isn’t that wrong?

Some people use phones whenever they are with family or their loved ones. People use their phones to talk to those who aren’t with them at the moment. This is wrong. We should leave our phones at home and be mentally present with our loved ones. We should respect that person, time, and the moment. Because the moments spent with them will always be with you.

Family is everything. Always make time for them. It is very relaxing to spend time with them. Everyone will leave you in bad times in life, but your family will always stand by you. And will always help you. Will always think for your good. That’s why family first rests later.

2. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

There is no comparison between the sun & the moon they both shine when it's their time.

When people compare themselves to others about small things, they will never be satisfied with themselves.

If someone earns 1 lakh, then you will try to earn more than that. Then when you earn 1 lakh, you will meet someone who earns 5 lakhs. Then you will try to earn more than that. And it will go on like this. Then you have to try to earn more than Elon Musk. Earning more money is a good thing, but the point is to be satisfied here. If you keep comparing yourself with others like this, then you will never be able to be satisfied.

The Only Competition Is Staring Back At You In The Mirror.

Life is all about you. You have to fight with yourself in life, not with others. You have to focus on yourself, not on others. You have to compare yourself with yourself, not with others. You have to be a better version of yourself. You have to be better than yesterday. If you are a better version of yourself than yesterday, then you are winning and moving ahead in life.

3. Find A Support System

Surround yourself with good & positive people. Nowadays, mental health is very important. So stay with those people who are good for your mental health. Who pushes you to move forward in life. Who wants to see you succeed. If you have a negative person in your life, stop being with them. Get such people out of your life. Remember, it is not selfish to think well of yourself. Take care of the good people, not the bad people. Always keep your friend circle small and quality.

4. Be Grateful For What You Have

God has given us many things without doing anything. God has blessed us with many things. Like a house, food, good parents, and a good body. You may find these to be very small things. But just think about those people who live on the street. Those who do not have a house to live in, no food & clothes to wear. Some are handicapped by birth. Can you imagine yourself in their place?

Now think about how much God has given you. You should feel grateful for all those things. And I do not mean to say that if you are middle class, then you have to be like this always. What I mean to say is that you are very strong and more capable than those people. So stop giving excuses. You have the ability to fight all the difficulties in life. Work hard and accomplish your goals, and be a blessing to those who are less fortunate.

5. Accept Your Past & Move On

God has already prepared your destination now. He is preparing you.

Bad has happened to everyone in the past. You know that God has a plan for all of us. Everything that happened in the past that caused us pain was a preparation for a better tomorrow and not a punishment.

You have to understand these things and move ahead in life. Many people keep thinking about their bad past and waste a lot of their time on it. Life is too short, don’t waste it.

You can’t go back & change the beginning, but you can start where you are & change the ending.

You cannot change what has happened, but you can change what is about to happen. Your future life is in your hands.

The destination is death, so enjoy the journey.

So Live Today, Take Action Today, and Love Today. Be happy life is too short enjoy this journey. Fulfill your dreams. Be with good people. Travel around the world and have fun. & Keep moving forward with good memories.

6. Invest In Yourself

In life, you always have to think about your best. Have to work on yourself. You have to make yourself better than before. Read books, exercise, and experience new things. You will benefit from all these things. Don’t do anything that will harm you. Always take care of your physical/mental health.

7. Respect Yourself

People learn how to treat you based on how you treat yourself.

Why does bad always happen to good people? Because good people don’t set a price for them. Because of this, cheap people treat them badly and leave them. Let me give you an example to explain this point.

All of you must know the Lamborghini car. It is a very expensive car, and very few people are able to buy it. Other people don’t even think about buying it. So does Lamborghini feel bad that despite being such a good car, very few people buy it? So does he lower his price so that others can also buy it? Not at all.

Because that car knows that the one who buys me is doing hard work. Whoever buys me definitely deserves me. So that car never reduces its value for the rest of the people.

When the price of something is lower, then more people will buy it.

Similarly, if you are a good person, then you have to set your own values. So that cheap people can’t treat you badly. Be so expensive that people don’t even think of buying you. That doesn’t mean no one will ever buy you. There will come a time when you will get what you deserve. Till then you have to work on yourself and do good deeds and stay away from useless people.

I hope you have understood this point.

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