Are “Haunted” Dolls Real?

Just part of the paranormal world.

Doll Head Antique — Free photo on Pixabay

A new “fad” has come around lately, especially for people who are into the paranormal; haunted dolls. It does sound really cool for you to own a doll that has a spirit attached to it, especially when you are into that kind of thing, right? Well, of course, it does, also to add, “Haunted” dolls aren’t exactly a new thing either; this has been going around for many, many years. Take Annabelle as an example; she has been around since the 70s. If you haven’t read the story about her, I encourage you to; it’s a great but creepy story with a lot of background.

Doll Old Weird — Free photo on Pixabay

Are “Haunted” Dolls actually real? The answer is actually yes; they do exist. You will know that ghosts sometimes “Haunt” a home if you believe in spirits. Cabinet doors opening, hearing footsteps, or catching them on camera are the big ones. Spirits are sometimes attached to a home because it was once their home, and they aren’t ready to leave; they are lost and can’t find the light, just visiting, or simply want to be there.

In my case, I have a few spirits here at my home, one being my oldest daughter’s friend, his name is Leo, and quite frankly, I am not sure where he even came from, and at first, I thought he was just an imaginary friend until I caught him in a picture with my daughter. After doing an investigation and Leo coming through the spirit box, I learned he is a protector. I am okay with that for sure; he’s been around going on three years now. The other spirits here at my home are spirits attached to the property that my house sits on, I have offered them help and guided them to the light, but they have no desire to do so. To be honest, it doesn’t matter to me; they do not bother us for the most part; they ask for attention every once in a while.

This brings me back to “haunted” dolls. If a spirit can attach themselves to a house, piece of property, or even a human, why wouldn’t they be able to attach themselves to a doll? It is literally the same exact thing. Now I will say people say they have haunted dolls and sell them for profit, and in the end, there isn’t an authentic spirit that is attached.

I went down the haunted doll Rabit hole; somebody gave me one. It was supposed to be a little girl attached to the doll; at first, I didn’t believe them because I wasn’t picking up any EMF Readings from this doll at all until I did, and then she started setting off a motion detector ball. And then I caught her spirit on camera, etc. So I have done many investigations with her, and she is the sweetest. I have had her going on four years.
So even as a paranormal investigator, I investigate a lot of houses and businesses for clients, but I also find haunted dolls, investigate them and then either keep them or put them up for adoption.
Now, you may be wondering, there are negative spirits out there, so what do you do if you find a negative spirit. I will say spirits have no problem telling you if they are positive or negative spirits. It’s almost like they are proud to be a negative spirit. I refuse to keep these kinds of spirits around and will give them to another PI who deals with more negative energies.

Doll Head Halloween — Free photo on Pixabay

It has been a journey, that’s for sure.
How do you find these dolls? It’s easy, really, but primarily antique shops. I may or may not carry my EMF reader to see if they give off any kind of reading before I buy them. LOL. I do not recommend you to this if you do not have any experience, you don’t know what you are bringing in your home. I don’t even get them into my home until I investigate them.
Lastly, I want to say every doll isn’t haunted. Is it rare? No, but it isn’t exactly typical either.

If you go on eBay or even Etsy, you will find hundreds of “Haunted” dolls; if you go this route, I recommend making sure they are a credible source first.
The Bottom line is, yes, haunted dolls are real, but please proceed with caution; working with these kinds of things is a lot of hard work and not just a current “trend.”



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