Battling Distractions in a Remote Work-at-Home Setting

What to do when my work from home runs into distractions at every corner?

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

I’ve noticed I keep falling victim to distractions. It has been a major hurdle in my workflow from home. Following my complete career/business strategy change, I have found my ability to follow tasks all the way through to the end has been horrible. I don’t remember ever struggling so much to remain focused.

The problem has grown by 10x since I began working at home full time. I started by trying to set daily tasks and goals to complete in order to stay on target and productive. The plan did not keep me on track, but it did at least open my eyes to just how big a problem this was becoming.

As hard as I tried to focus on the things I needed to finish, it seemed next to impossible. In retaliation, I formed a foolproof plan and began trying to find and implement strategies for productivity, scheduling content, and daily task completion that would actually work for me. Notion has really helped me in that department. They provide countless templates and promote wonderful organization for your content, which is something I really needed.

So here’s what I did, step by step. I started by going to my Notion account, which was very disorganized. I started by clearing out everything and starting fresh, I brought my files in one project at a time and kept everything together, all within its main project page. As it turned out, I really noticed a difference immediately how much easier I could navigate through my content, define tasks needing to be done, and defining areas that needed more content or structure.

Photo by Marissa Grootes on Unsplash

After spending maybe two hours completely reorganizing my files, assets, various accounts relating to the connected projects, I was getting more done than I could the entire two weeks prior. I had been working twice as hard, but not even accomplishing half as much. Now not only is it easier to finish tasks, it is also simpler to create them. I even noticed that the previously unavoidable distractions, while still there, had little to no power of my actions. I no longer had to follow the white rabbit down a hole in search of some file I needed in order to complete something else.

In a single day following the total restructuring of my project’s management and content systems, the following is what I was able to get accomplished:

⦁ Brand assets for each project in their own folder within their project

⦁ Content calendar for each project

⦁ Created a portfolio/ resume in Notion

⦁ Daily to-do task templates for the week

⦁ Filled in my to-do task templates through 7/8

⦁ Wrote and sent in 2 pitches to 2 publications

⦁ Wrote this article about my experience and success

I must say, I knew the benefits of having my work life organized. It is how I work in a normal work setting. I don’t know why this process was not how I began my shift to full time work from home. It was definitely where I should have started. I could have saved a lot of wasted time.



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