Do Indians earn money on Medium?

Heck, we can’t even get on MPP

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First of all, this is not an info article. It is a sad rant of a confused Indian Medium member. I am writing this article for someone to kindly offer me solutions.

I was 79 followers old when I learned that Indian members on Medium cannot participate in the Medium Partnership Program. MPP needs us to have a Stripe account and unfortunately, they don’t do dealings with India, yet.

Oh, it stung. It really made me feel down in the dumps. I then read up the articles I came across here on this platform, written by Indians expressing their frustration on not being rewarded for their precious time and effort. Now I am adding my rant too.

When I realized MPP cannot save me, I tried the much popular Ko-fi account, but to no avail. For Ko-fi account to be activated, it has to be linked to PayPal, and for having the PayPal account, it has to be linked with a credit or debit card. Alas, it seems that Reserve Bank of India has some renewed guidelines. I do not finance savvy but I know enough to realize there ain’t no money I am getting through this either. I’ll just upload the screenshot if you want to know what I’m talking about.

Screenshot by Author
Screenshot by Author

There goes that. No rewards up that route.

Okay, let me now humble myself and say I am just a beginner, taking baby steps into what I enjoy the most — writing. It is still my main goal on this site. To keep writing.

But as a student who is going to apply for her second Master’s degree, I am more than willing to earn a little on the side for my well being. Being at home with no work experience doesn’t help either.

The only relief is that being an Indian having Asian parents, I am not expected or forced to leave my parents' house and get employed right after I step into my twenties. As I am a student going for further studies, my parents don’t expect me to earn right away, either. But hey, peer pressure. (I have got annoying friends who have started working, woe is me!) :(

I am kinda new to this platform — I joined Medium towards the end of last month and now I have 150 followers. That is just.. wow! It’s a ‘screaming my heart out' material and my gratitude has no bounds. Having such lovely support is a reward on its own and for now, I’m going to settle with that. That has to suffice until Stripe blesses the Indian subcontinent with their kindness.

If any of you fellow Indians or others know how to earn here in this platform, please be kind enough to inform me. Again, I’m not being desperate for money, but it will feel like you achieved something when you earn through your write-ups. I want to know that feeling. ☹

Thank you. Love.



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