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Do You Know That Your Image Is Indexed On The Internet?

Telling yourself a different story…

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Nowadays, employers or hiring managers who have more time in their hands will go an extra step when shortlisting candidates. They will peep into your profiles wherever they can find them.

The easiest way they can google about you. If Google crawlers indexed your photos, I am here to congratulate you.

I read Yana Boston girl’s article about an interviewer who asked about her articles on Newsbreak. It piques my curiosity. Are you ready for your profile or pictures on the world wide web?

Go and google it. Who knows you will discover yours too? My former profile photo got indexed on Msn, Bing, and Google. There are days I think of retreating into my hermit shell because I want my me time. My time alone is not free of charge for anyone else. But there are days I rather walk out basking in the sunlight.

My Lil Maria asked a good question, “Are we safe?”

Photo Snipped by Author from Google Search

“Yes, Maria. We are safe. We are not the main actor in the role play all the time, understand? Take it with a pinch of salt.”

What can you do to ease yourself if you suddenly feel endangered or cautious about others bringing you down in life using your writings?

I leave you with these to think of:

  • You are not here to please everyone.
  • You do not have to be liked by everyone.
  • You cannot live according to everybody’s expectations.
  • Everyone is entitled to their opinions. And so do you.
  • So what if you are a writer? Tell impactful stories. When you mean well and are sincere without harm, the majority will vouch well for you.
  • When a wise person does not like others or an article, they have the choice to give it a miss. They need not keep prying, spying, and following like a paparazzi or a troll. It shows a lot about them.

Who reads my stories?

Photo Snipped by Author from Google Search

I have a minister who may have read my stories too. He visited my neighborhood residences a few months ago. Hearing I stayed 2x in Yemen, his facial expression seemed to be in plenty of questions.

War-torn country? Yes. Impoverished country? Yes. I emailed him my resume with the links to my writings. I welcome him to read it anyway.

So, are you ready for this exposure? Will you write good stories or impactful ones that reach across continents and miles being yourself? Do share your thoughts on having your image circulated like a contemporary celebrity. What will you do to keep yourself assured you are safe?

Thank you for dropping by to read. I appreciate it. Till the next time…

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🐻Have a blessed weekend, everyone! 🐻



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