Eight Memorable End-of-year Activities

For any age group-by Gayatri Mehta

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As the end of the academic year approaches and the mercury rises (both literally and metaphorically), most teachers have less structured lesson time, endless corrections and restless students waiting for the summer break. So how do we make this limited-time memorable? The end of the year should be a time of review, reflection and celebration. Here are 8 activities that you can conduct in your classroom for any age group-

Classroom Oscars

This is a Dave Burgess idea. Tell the students to dress formally. Roll out a red carpet. Imagine an Oscars-type ceremony where students can give awards for the year’s best friendships, best comedians, and most epic classroom moments, and where their classmates can respond with Oscars-style acceptance speeches. Allow performances and standing ovations!

Letters to their future selves

Ask students to write a letter to themselves one year in the future. Students are allowed to write anything they want. For some, it might be about scoring A’s next year or getting selected on the football team. It might be asking their best friend out on a date for others. Put the letters in a locked box and open them at the end of the next academic year. You’ll be surprised to see how much students have grown! They might laugh at their younger selves.

Thank-you Notes

For this activity, I simply print blank thank you notes. Students are encouraged to write at least one note to anyone in or outside school- it could be their friends, their juniors, teachers, parents or the staff. I love this activity because it creates such a positive environment.

Collages and Vision boards

Students collect images/pictures of anything that they feel depicts their future- places, words, people and quotes! They create a collage and put it up on the classroom notice boards. Once all students have finished, they can share their vision boards in small groups or in front of the entire class. It’s an incredible opportunity to hear students speak about their dreams, goals, and futures.

Classroom Movie theatre!

Convert your classroom into a movie theatre- project a movie and give the kids snacks and drinks! Discuss what they liked and what they didn’t once the movie is over.


Ask the students to write a compliment for their classmate on a white piece of paper, crumple the paper and throw it. You’ll be surprised at how much students enjoy snow in May! Be prepared for the general ruckus that will follow this activity

Write a letter to your students

This is my favourite activity. Write a letter or a postcard to each student in your class. Make it personal, encouraging and honest! Years later, students will treasure these. You can use canva.com for templates.

Top 10 List

Dave Burgess suggested having kids make their Top 10 list of what they had learned during the school year. Have them reflect on their best learning experiences during their time with you, and then have a little party so kids can share all of their lists.



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