Going Viral: How I got 11k+ Views on Only One Medium Post

Hey, Promise me in the comments section that you’ll use and implement all of the tactics I use to go popular on Medium.

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If you’re still reading this guide, you’re obviously very interested in understanding the real techniques I use to get thousands of views on every article on Medium.

Wow, what a journey it has been so far! Back in July 2021, I started writing on Medium.

After a few months of writing occasionally, I decided to take my passion for writing more seriously and take the time to write every day.

A method for becoming viral on Medium, on the other hand, enhances your chances of success.

It’s why, some of the articles I authored have had 5k, 10k, and 15k views, respectively.

Now, I will share with you some useful techniques so that you can promote your content wisely and get thousands of views on your medium posts.

My 1st Secret — Write Engaging Content

Another important area where my articles get thousands of views is creating engaging content. I saw that many of my articles in the “make money online” category performed better than others, so I took advantage of it.

My trick for creating engaging content is to pick a topic that I have some experience with (e.g. making $100 a day online) and scan the web to see if there are gaps in the information in that area.

It turns out that there isn’t much content on Medium on the topic I found.

Furthermore, existing content is severely limited and often lacks explanation.

So I’ll look for up-to-date information on the topic, summarize the most important features of my content, and then add my own unique perspective where I see fit.

“Good artists borrow, great artists steal,” said the iconic Pablo Picasso.

While you should never plagiarise someone else’s work, citing the best current examples in a topic and then blending them together with a dash of your own originality is a highly effective type of creating well and engaging content that drives traffic.

Content build relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue. Andrew Davis

To check the plagiarism of any of your content, you can use tools like Pre Post SEO, Quetext, SmallSEOtools, Duplichecker, Quillbot, and Grammarly.

2nd Secret — Find the Perfect Medium Publication

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It’s critical that your niche be picked up by a publication in order for it to trend on Medium.


Because they already have a following and most of them send out email newsletters.

If your stories begin to get attraction, the publication will assist you in promoting yourself to their existing readership.

If your post is really popular, they may even e-mail it to their mailing list, providing you with a boost in traffic.

Finding publications that are a good fit for your content is crucial if you want to go viral on Medium.

Note: Submitting my article to the right Medium publication was one of the main reasons for getting viral on Medium. J.J. Pryor has put together content with all of the publication’s follower counts and descriptions so you can quickly and simply choose the proper one to submit your article to.

Some of my favorite publications that you can use to get your content viral on Medium within 1 hour:-

Now what you’ve all been waiting for…

Last Secret — Promote Medium Post & Get People to Read Your Article in the First Hour

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

What did I do to promote my Medium post?

I’ve heard that getting 100 recommendations within the first hour of publishing is the key to trending on Medium.

The first hour is critical. This is when Medium decides how popular your article is and how to promote it. If you can somehow get your article to be read by a lot of people within the first hour of publication, it will definitely be a hit.

But how do you do it?

It’s not easy, I understand. But there are things you can do to make sure you get at least a hundred suggestions within the first hour.

The first is to have a medium follow. By recommending other people’s articles, you can build a following even before submitting an article.

So I had to devise a strategy to get there.

Why Is It Important to have Medium followers?

My Medium account got about 308 followers before I even published my essay. You may grow your Medium following by highlighting and recommending other people’s work, as well as being active on Twitter.

Being active on Twitter and having a good following can help you generate enough traffic within the first hour to build momentum.

I’m almost certain that everyone who follows you on Twitter and also has a Medium account is considered a Medium follower.

It’s critical to increase your Medium follower count because when you hit publish, a pop-up notice notifies everyone who follows you that you’ve published new content.

Because I already had 456 followers, I was able to use this to get a tiny percentage of people looking at my post and promoting it right away.


My Earning - Going to Reveal the First Time

Screenshot by Author — Amit Biwaal

You might think I’m getting thousands of dollars out of it, but that’s not the case.

So far I have made $2,775.08 from it.

Maybe twice after a while.

All my articles are still getting much traffic from Google, and Bing.

But if the views are from Medium members, it’s obviously closer to $5,000.

My Takeaways to Get Thousands of Views on Medium Post

While writing for Medium is not the same as writing for your own website, there are some parallels and lessons to be learned.

Some of the writing tips for Medium also apply to marketing and blogging in general:-

  • The importance of headlines and descriptions cannot be overstated.
  • The importance of distribution is equal to that of content quality.
  • Both quantity and quality are important.
  • Authenticity is important.
  • In your writing, use emotional appeal.
  • Identify and resolve a problem
  • Make a difference at home
  • Don’t try to sell too much.
  • Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

These are some general standards that anyone publishing or promoting information on the internet should follow.

Final Words — Getting Viral on Medium

I can’t foresee whether or not a story will go viral.

Occasionally, a story fails and then goes viral several months later. Sometimes I write something that satisfies all of the conditions given above, yet it dies silently.

But, regardless of what happens with the algorithm or what platform changes come next, I am convinced that following these criteria for viral content will at the very least get you writing well.

Good writing is the first and most critical step, as it is with all viral stories on Medium.

The next step is to put the above tips into practice and see how much exposure you can get for your content.

If you have any additional suggestions or questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

Now you can go viral on Medium!



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