How I Became Level 1 Seller On Fiverr

A short story of struggle, being committed, patient, motivated, continuing learning, and improving every day.

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Today has been one of the happiest days of my life. I received an email this afternoon from Fiverr, which gave me a piece of good news that I have become a level 1 seller again on Fiverr. There was no end to my happiness. So, when sharing this exciting news with my Medium Community, I thought it to share all the ups and downs I had been through during this journey.


I’m a Pakistan-based freelance content writer, proofreader, and editor with 5+ years of experience in Writing and Translation. I have provided a wide range of services in my niche over the past more than a half-decade. I’m a Computer Science graduate and a high school Computer Science Teacher by profession.


It was the second half of the year 2015 when one of my friends told me about a platform where you could sell services and earn money by working from the comfort of your home. Yeah, that sounded well, and I started writing short articles for him and of course getting paid. I was not only excited but overwhelmed after all I had started earning my own money. After some time I realized how about if I create my account on Fiverr? I discussed with my friend because I had learned one of the professional ethics to never bypass your senior, in one of the minor subjects studied at University. My friend not only agreed but happily allowed me to open and manage my account.


Cutting the long story short, I started my account and started working independently when I had no experience of working in the digital world at all. However, I started learning things like how the Fiverr platform works, how to communicate with sellers, and many different things. Fortunately, I got a few repeat clients early on and all of them helped me a lot earning not only more money but advanced levels on Fiverr.

Fiverr had no strict Terms of Service and Level restrictions at that time so I became a Level 2 seller within one year. (I don’t compare myself with others, everyone has their own pace and factors that play a major role in this journey).

I was doing all great when suddenly, one day I received an email from Fiverr that my account was suspended and later completely banned on violations of Fiverr’s terms of service.


So after my account got suspended back in 2016–17, I went completely of the radar due to some personal reasons like setting up things at my job, marriage, kids, and giving most of my time to family. At the start of 2021, I started to get back on track, created an account on Fiverr and Upwork. Started working from scratch, used by all my previous experience to make my space in this marketplace once again.


Getting back into freelancing was not an easy thing. Despite the experience of communication, creating gigs, SEO, promotions, social media, selling services, but things were not working. Tried different strategies but in vain. I was unable to figure out where I was doing wrong. It’s natural to lose hope and quit at this time and in this situation.


Being Muslims we always seek guidance from Allah Almighty, The Holy Quran says,

It is You we worship and we ask for help (Surah. 1, Verse №4)

at another place, Allah Almighty gives us hope in Holy Quran

For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease. (Surah №94, Verse №5)

So, this helped me buckle up again, stay motivated, committed, and patient. I started asking for help from Allah almighty and working on different strategies, never stopped learning, and always kept walking no matter if it was one step.

Orders started coming in and I had a large number of happy and satisfied friends from around the globe in these past few months. Today, my hardship-ship has achieved the milestone of becoming Level 1 Seller once again.


I provide SEO-friendly, highly engaging articles, blog posts, writing or rewriting website content, Copywriting, Job descriptions, Employees handbooks, and cover letter writing services.

If you are looking for any of the services listed above, you can find me on the links given below.






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Muhammad Ahtisham

Muhammad Ahtisham


SEO Content Writer (Level-1 Seller 🎖️) - Fiverr & Upwork - Blogs/Articles/Website Content For Small To Medium Products, Businesses, and Industries.