How My Business Made Me 30lbs Overweight, Depressed and Alone.

Are you making the same mistake?

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2018: I was 30lbs overweight, depressed and I nearly lost my family.

2022: I am healthy, happy and I have my family back

Anything is possible if you’re clear on your intentions and know exactly what you want from life.

For six years, I ran my gym business…

Correction, for six years, my gym business ran my life.

At the start, it was new and exciting.

But as life changes and kids happen, I found myself not as fond of the early 6 am starts and late 9 pm finishes as I once was.

Being the warrior I believed I was, I pushed through for years. Because this is what business is about, right?



Commitment to the greater good

The problem was I was far too driven by financial reward. In the process pushing my family away and destroyed my health.

I was justifying my actions by saying,

“I’m building our future”

When all my family wanted was affection and attention, not material things.

In my head money would solve all the problems.

The truth was I hadn’t stepped back and recognised what I wanted from life.

I hadn’t asked my family what they wanted from life.

Freedom, flexibility, and happiness as a family.

All the things I was single handily destroying.

Created in Canva by the Author

It’s no secret money must be a factor.

Money allows you freedom and flexibility. It’s a necessary metric to measure your business health.

But unless your ambitions are to become a billionaire. Using money as the focal metric will almost certainly destroy your relationships and health.

Most people start a business to escape the captivity of driving someone else’s dream — to pursue their own.

Yet for far too many this dream turns into a prison.

The truth is when you become aligned with what you want from life, money becomes the by-product of loving what you do.

You stop feeling trapped and start becoming creative and innovative.

Instead of resenting the process, you love the process. What you thought was a struggle instead becomes a challenge.

People say life is short, but I’d disagree.

Life is as long as it needs to be.

But if it was to end tomorrow, would you be happy with the way you have lived it so far?

I started a business to gain control of my life. Yet it stole my freedom and happiness.

The lesson I learned in the process is business is a method to live life by design. Yet as I did, too many people have the equation all wrong.

We are now in a world full of opportunities. With multiple ways to earn money driven by your passions. When you combine this with the life you want to live the challenges become purposeful.

Thank you for reading

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