How Not To Forget Quickly

3 Tips for You so You Don’t Forget Quickly

Forgetting is a common problem experienced by everyone, including me. Although sometimes it’s annoying, it turns out that forgetting is a process of our brain mechanism to prevent brain memory from being full.

As reported by Science Alert, according to the results of research conducted by researchers from the University of Toronto in Canada, actually our memory’s job is not to store information accurately. The real job of memory is to store important information to make the right decisions in the future.

Indeed, sometimes forgetting to be an annoying thing or a cause of calamity. But we also have to be aware that we can’t avoid this. We can only minimize the possibility of forgetting. By minimizing the possibility of forgetting, we can prevent the bad effects of forgetting.

In this article, I will discuss.

1. Why does forgetting happen?

2. A brief explanation at the beginning of forgetting.

3. Tips so as not to forget quickly.

Why Does Forgetting Happen?

Once again, forgetting is a common problem that we cannot avoid and must experience by everyone. We as humans can only minimize the possibility of forgetting, but not avoid 100% of forgetting.

In the book by Edward Thorndike, The Psychology of Learning. Forgetting is caused because humans rarely recall existing memories. It could also be because there are memories that are more memorable to remember. Or information in memory, lack of clues.

Forgetting can happen for various reasons.

  1. Memory weakens because the brain is rarely sharpened.
  2. Often watch pornographic videos that can damage the PFC.
  3. When learning new things, old things are forgotten and fade away.
  4. Forgetting for medical reasons.
  5. Forgetting for psychological reasons
  6. And many more.

The problems above are only a small part of the various problems. There are many reasons that I did not mention in this article. I’m just mentioning the general ones. In this article, I will share tips, so you don’t forget quickly. But keep in mind, that the tips that I share are specifically for people who quickly forget what they learn. If you quickly forget because you often watch pornographic videos, the way to solve this problem is that you have to stop the habit. But the problem doesn’t just end.

After you stop watching porn videos, the side effects due to PFC damage will still be felt. The doctor’s advice on this is that you have to train your brain. Such as sports, reading books, playing strategy games, yoga, and other useful things. If your problem is still not resolved, it’s a good idea to consult a psychiatrist. So that you can get the best advice that suits you. Okay, go ahead. I will share 3 tips to train brain memory. So that your brain memory is getting stronger and not easy to forget.

Tips So As Not To Forget Quickly


The technique of repeating information continuously so that the information enters the Long Term Memory. Every time you learn something new, never forget the old things you have learned. To repeat old information, it takes notes or journals that you make yourself. Notes or journals you can make after you learn something. The knowledge that is considered important and will be useful, is recorded and stored properly. It’s up to you where to save it. Whether on a flash drive, smartphone memory, cloud, or wherever you think is safe.

That way, you can reopen it when you need it. Or you can read once a month to sharpen your memory about it. This is very useful because I experienced it myself. By doing this, I become not afraid of forgetting something. Because once in a while, I will read my notes to sharpen my memory about it.

Keep in mind; that I’m sure you will learn a lot of things. Automatically your notes will pile up and become many. The solution to this I will usually divide the time to reread the note. For example, I will set aside 30 minutes a day to reread the note. Or just read the points and the gist to save time and speed up reading. This method is very useful for me; you can try it. Useful or not, you decide. Because I realized that people learn differently.


Information breaking technique to make it easier to understand, and can enter Long Term Memory. To remember a long number, just break it down into several parts. For example, the information we receive is “123456789” which we split into “123 456 789”. I find this useful when remembering a number and find it easier to remember a number. I have a unique story about this.

I once applied to work in a Brokerage Company. As the company managers explained we all listened with focus. Once, one of the managers of the company made a challenge, and suddenly. He appointed me to come forward. And I immediately came forward in front of the crowd and asked “What’s the challenge, sir?”. After that, the company manager joked. Asked me to state my national identification number. Because I memorized it, I mentioned the 16-digit number. And you know what happened after that? Everyone in the room was surprised that I managed to mention it. The manager didn’t seem to believe it and told me to repeat it more than 5 times. In fact, I was told to spell it slowly and asked to take out my residence card as proof. After being proven right, I was called “Not a person”. The point is that they think it’s extraordinary and very few people memorize the identification number. Because the numbers are many and difficult to remember. Seeing people of those in the room, it was clear I felt strange, and even asked my opinion about this incident to my partner. My partner too agreed with the people in the room and called me weird. I honestly feel like it’s normal (I don’t mean to be arrogant, but I honestly feel like it). Very few people memorize the 16-digit number. Because of that, I was considered strange to be able to memorize these numbers. Even though I only applied this chucking technique, so I could memorize it.

That’s a short story when I applied for a job at a brokerage company. Even though I was accepted at the company, I resigned. Because the position given is not what I proposed. I applied as a Data Entry. But they unilaterally gave the position of Business Consultant. It’s not because I have competence in that position. But the company put all applicants in the position. Positions written on the internet are just a trick to lure applicants to come. It’s vile, but I learned a valuable lesson from the incident.


Often trains the brain to think. A small example of playing strategy games to train the brain to think. So refreshing while training your memory.

That’s my way to minimize forgetting, and that method has proven to be forgiving for me. You can try that way. I hope this can be useful for your life. Thanks for reading…



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