I Made $xx.xx This Month.

And I Am Happy With It.

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So, How Much Did I make?

The exact amount I made on Medium this month, or any other previous month(s), was $0.00

  • What? Are you kidding? No. I am not kidding.
  • And you are happy with it? YES, I am happy with it.

Let me try to explain this and hope it will become clear.

Every day/week/month I get several notifications from my Medium app with my daily read and from writers I am following. And a lot of the time it is about how much money they made on Medium. Why? Why do you need to tell the world every week/month, how much money you had made?

Very simple. Stories like this will attract readers. And reads mean money. Also with a little bit of luck, non Medium members/readers will see it and will become paying members. And if they use your affiliate link, you will earn half of their membership fee.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand that Medium is or can be a source of income for some writers. But I think that it also can be misleading to new writers. People who see this and think that they also can do this. And “easily” earn a lot of money. And once they started and see that they are not earning as much as others, it will be a very big disappointment. But for those for whom it is a big source of income, I admire them for what and how they do it.

Then Why Am I Not Earning Anything?

Very simple. I am a paying member, but I did not join the Medium Partner Program. Why not? I just joined Medium to read interesting posts. I also joined Medium to learn. To improve my writing. And to share my posts/thoughts with others. I am not in it for the money. But I will never say never. Who knows what the future will bring and maybe I will change my mind and join the Medium Partner Program. But not at this moment.

I want to think of myself as being realistic. I know that at this moment, I am not as good as the top writers. And I know that I need to learn a lot. With reading and writing, I can grow and learn. For now, that is my main goal. Grow and learn.

I also realize, that IF one of my posts will ever go viral, I will not earn anything from it. So be it. Better luck next time.

I Still Don’t Get You.

I can hear you think.

Why am I not in it for the money? For years I also was part of the “rat race”. Putting family and life aside to earn more money and fame.

Until I ended up in the hospital and my life was turned upside down. (If you would like to know more about this, then check out my posts through my profile.) Since that time I had several health problems and was not able to work anymore. For someone who always worked hard and long, this was very hard. But since that time, I have changed my mind/thoughts about life.

Life and family are important. Of course, it is always nice to have money to have a better or more comfortable life.

And I am very much aware, that people need money to survive and pay the bills. But I also think that it is not really needed or necessary to share everything with the whole world.


Some writers earn their income from writing on Medium. Others write on Medium are there to grow and learn. And maybe for the next one, it is just to share their thoughts and views. A nice benefit from it is that you can earn money with/from it.

But I don’t think it is needed to share how much you had earned this month, with the rest of the world. Don’t forget, that not every writer is the same. The way you write is and can be very different from how the next person writes. That your stories are successful doesn’t mean that the next person who writes about the same topic also will be successful.

A side note on that is, the more people write about the same topic, the more people will start to ignore it. Because they will see it as more of the same and why should your story be different or more interesting from the previous.

You also would like to earn money from writing? Fine. But stay with both feet on the ground. Because one writer is successful and earns a lot, doesn’t mean that you automatically will have the same success or earn the same. Everyone needs to put their own effort into it.



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