I'm Obsessive- Compulsive about the placement of my things.

I have OCD, Oh sorry… OPD (Obsessive Placement Disorder)

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Have you met someone who does not like a messy house? Or have you met someone who is compulsive about the placement of their things at the right place? And most importantly tidying up the place constantly? It’s good to clean your house and stuff but I am vocalizing about constant cleaning and arranging things every day. For others, it might seem perfect but for you, it's not. Have you heard of the term OCD? Probably they have Obsessive Cleaning Disorder.

Well, in my case, I have OPD, Obsessive Placement Disorder. Now before describing my issue, let me explain what it is. According to Mayo Clinic, “OCD or Obsessive-compulsive disorder features a pattern of unwanted thoughts and fears (obsessions) that lead you to do repetitive behaviours (compulsions). These obsessions and compulsions interfere with daily activities and cause significant distress.” Majorly OCD is divided into four categories. These are

  1. Checking (eg, constant checking the doors and windows whether they are locked or not.)
  2. Hoarding ( eg, Constant buying too many things and not discarding the old, worn and broken things.)
  3. Contamination (eg, Feeling contaminated even if it is not.)
  4. Intrusive thoughts (eg, Thinking of unanswered questions which starts with “what will happen if…..”)

Generally, Obsessive Cleaning Disorder comes under contamination. It is linked with cleaning things and hygiene and surprisingly, it covers the major part of Obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is in which a person has an immediate urge to clean or wash their surroundings repetitively. For example, excessive cleaning of clothes, toilets, the kitchen, staircases, bathing, tooth brushing or avoiding using a public toilet, shaking hands with others, going to restaurants, avoiding crowded places or using public telephone booths are the signs of OCD.

I have something called Obsessive Placement disorder. It is a subcategory of Obsessive Cleaning Disorder. It includes placing things in their right place or symmetry. Continuous urge to push the chairs of the dining table back or can not stand the untidy bed or unmade bed in the morning. This is something different from cleaning disorder yet goes parallel with it. Sometimes it may create a hindrance to the other important activities which are needed to be done before if not taken care of.

Most people treat it as some kind of disorder but I always look at the positive side of it. I think we need to bring it into practice to keep the place tidy and situate the things in place. It is a healthy practice and trait of a good lifestyle. Sometimes I justify by asking myself that “Do I need to do so much?” and why I have the constant “tickle” to satisfy by doing things beyond the basic requirement.

Sometimes, if you think beyond hygiene purposes, you will get the answer. For me, I feel content, satisfied, justified and worthy. Waking up to the tidy house, settled things bring mental peace and calmness in me. When some uninvited guest comes to my place at any time of the day, and appreciate about my house. I am not worried and think, “Oh.. is my house clean or is everything is in its place?” Rather it gives me a certain amount of joy that the person noticed my efforts and appreciated them.

This is a habit before ending my day, I clean my house so that the next morning I feel free and less stressed. I can focus on the other important things in my life. For me, is not about only cleaning or placing things properly but it should also smell fresh all the time. It leaves a good impression upon the guests who are visiting you.


OCD or OPD is a disorder. But if it is a hindrance to your regular activity, then it should be not be ignored and treated. There are therapies and prescribed medicines available to rectify this problem. But if it is not interfering in your daily life, then keep cleaning and embed a good effort to impress yourself, your family and your guests like me.

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