Is Online Education: A Gain or A Curse?

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As just a result of the epidemic, everything has changed. The education system is shifting to online education to prevent education loss. As we all know, everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and each has its own set of reasons. We have to start by debating and analyzing the arguments.

Benefits of Online Education:

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  1. Online platform:

As a result of online education, more platforms have emerged. It has also improved online conference software, which is a technological benefit. Due to user feedback, software developers now know what consumers want, allowing them to meet their needs.

2. COVID-19:

There is no loss of education due to online education, and we are safe from this disease.

3. Travel:

Time travel has been reducing due to online classes. Reduced travel also results in some savings.

4. Use of Technology:

To use current technologies while studying while also developing abilities that have been applying in the workplace.

Drawbacks of Online Education:

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  1. Lack of interaction:

Online learning is less engaging and interactive than traditional learning. Due to a lack of face-to-face connection, assignments do not receive quick feedback. There is also a lack of communication among classmates to share experiences.

2. Practical concepts:

Presenting a lecture, taking notes, and giving presentations are necessary. For the learner, problems that have been solving in a classroom are more understandable.

3. Eye problem:

Students and teachers both suffer as a result of the increase in screen usage. Since education has become increasingly dependent on electronic devices, homework and notes, explanations, and practically everything have now been accessible through our gadgets; screen time has increased. As a result, some eyesight has weakened, and others have even lost their vision and lose hearing.

To conclude, The value of internet education cannot be emphasized, especially given the new pandemic. Knowledge and education are essential in everyone’s life, but there are various ways to gain them. Online courses are an excellent way to get knowledge, but they are not suitable for everyone.




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